"You Can Stuff Your Sorries In A Sack, Mister!"

That's right- I'm REBUKING The Mets' "Sorry" for the shittious season they made me sit through. Cheaper prices in 2010 by 10-20 percent? So the fuck what? That's supposed to make me forget the HUMILIATION of wearing a Mets T-Shirt through NYC in 2009? Of having to cheer for a team that played like the kids in the first 30 minutes of The Bad News Bears?

If anything prices need to come down AT LEAST 35 percent if they want to see me present in the stands during the 2010 season. Money is TIGHT and I'll be damned if I will throw it away just to watch a bunch of over-payed, under-coached babies that can't seem to get it together.

I love them but I'm not accepting this apology. Not this year. Not until they make a few key changes.

1- GET BETTER TEAM DOCTORS. The amount of injuries suffered by our players were ri-DAMN-diculous, especially Santana's, which was left "undiagnosed" for way too long. I get that my boo wanted to play through the pain and get some wins for the team, but the docs should have put their foot down and said NO. If for no other reason than to get him healthy for 2010.

2- GET RID OF MINAYA. He's a catty little bitch-boy and I hate him. HATE. HIM. And I don't care if he's Dominican; that will not get me to be on your side. Just ask that poopie-faced Manny & that arrogant mo-fo A-Rod. He is not an effective leader and that's what this team needs NOW more than ever.

With that said, I will thank you kindly, Mets.com, to STOP sending me emails filled with "sorries" and "thank you for your support" videos because I ain't having it. I believe in tough love so here's a bit of Jaded-ness for you:


That is all.

MetsWatch '09: W67-L92-GB25
Next game: 10/02/09 VS. HOU @ CitiField, John Maine (#33, 6-6 for the season) pitching


The F$%K it List said...

I had to block Mets.com for this very reason. I'm just done with them. They should have gotten rid of Minaya and left Willie. Its been DOWNHILL since he left.

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