The Boys Of October, Sans The Mets

Yup, here we are. Another MLB post-season without The New York Mets. *wipes frustrated tears* But lets not dwell on that, okay? Let us now focus on the teams that are poised to take it all the way to the World Series.

American League:

New York Yankees. It's nice to see that at least the other New York team is repping for our city. I'm no hater; I'll tip my hat to the Yankees for the tremendous effort they've put forth this season with team captain Derek Jeter at the helm. And while I'm at it- congratulations to Jeter for surpassing Mantle's HR record. Bravo, dude. I've always admired you as a player- you know how to carry yourself with class on and off the field. Just wish more of your teammates *coughA-RODcough* would follow suit. So, New York, what's it gonna be? All the way or CHOKE city?

Minnesota Twins. Yankees have taken game 1 of their divisional series so far, but if I've learned anything from watching baseball all these years is to NOT discount the underdog EVER. Hell, did I forget to mention that THE NETHERLANDS beat Team DR in the World Baseball Classic?? I'm sure I have. So yeah, the Twins have as good a chance as anyone else to move forward in the series. Will the Yanks allow it?

Los Angeles Angels. WEST SIIIIIIDE! I didn't pay any attention to this team at all during the regular season but dammit if they didn't make it to the show. Hello, fellas. That's a very nice 97 wins and 65 losses you've got there. You think maybe you can send your coaches to Flushing, NY right quick? Pundits are saying this team is very reminiscent of the 2002 Angels- the ones that won the World Series. Can they do it again?

Boston Red Sox. The wild card. The team that's been riding the Yankees' ass the whole season. The team meeting their other rivals- The Angels- in game 1 of their division game this very night. And they have a point to make (as usual). They want you to know that Ortiz started out shitty but he's RET'A GO now. And that Jason Bay, J.D. Drew, Kevin Youkilis and Mike Lowell are key players to be reckoned with. But will it show on the field?

National League:

Philadelphia Phillies. GRRRRRR! My arch nemesiseses... I HATE that they are STILL in contention and The Mets are not. It's EATING ME INSIDE. Rollins, you jerk-off, UGH!!! Only you can make me root for the goddamned Rockies *spits* I hope the Phillies fail miserably and go home with NOTHING. There, I said it. Hmpf!

Colorado Rockies. Another team that's remained below my radar of teams to watch out for this season. They get my attention now ONLY because I need for them to pull it together and SMASH PHILLY TO BITS AND PIECES. Smash the Phillies like they ran up your momma's light bill and ruined her credit. So far it appears that the Rockies are playing very intelligently on the offensive, forcing Philly's hand and I LIKE it. Keep it up and the next stage towards victory is yours!

St. Louis Cardinals. Mmmmmmm. Albert Pujols. You are so deliciously yummy that... wait... that's not what we're talking about right now... So St. Louis has been pegged as the favorite team right now. Odds are they will meet up with the Yankees for the final showdown at the end of the month and I'm kinda leaning that way, too. Still, anything can happen, even with powerhouses like Pujols and National League Cy Young Award candidate Adam Wainwright on this team.

Los Angeles Dodgers. Ugh; Manny Ramirez is in the freakin' postseason. GREAT. I really cannot stand how good a player he is because his attitude sucks balls. But *sigh* the Dodgers have had a really good season, better than anyone in the National League, so it is very likely that they will stomp the Cardinals like roaches. Because lets please not forget- LA has Torre now. And dude knows how to lead winners. (It took a lot for me to write that. Can someone bring me a drink?!?!)

Good luck to all the teams. *side eyes Mets*

But as a native NYer, you already know where my loyalty HAS TO lie. I have no choice. Mr. Jeter, tell your friends to do their thang. See you at the finish line!

MetsWatch '09: Season Stats W70-L92-GB23
"There's always next year..."


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