"Without Bias"


First of all, make sure you see this documentary film.
Second, check out this joint.
Thirdly, don't miss it!!!

Have I made myself clear?

The documentary film on the life and tragic death of Len Bias made by Kirk Fraser is outstanding. I had the opportunity to see a screening of it this past Friday night at the Lincoln Theatre. The film won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the 13th Annual American Black Film Festival

It's scheduled to air on Nov. 3 at 8pm as part of ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary film series. It will continue to air on ESPN2 and ESPN Classic over the following month after at various times.

Now, if you're a regular on my blog at ChocolateCityWeb, then you know how the death of Len Bias truly affected me. If you're not, feel free to check out an entry I penned entitled, Death of Len Bias: 20 Years Later on the anniversary of his death before continuing to read this one.


There's are a variety of reasons why I looked forward to this film. First off, Len Bias was an incredible athlete. Being truthful, using the word 'incredible' is a gross understatement to the talent that this man possessed. That's like saying that Michael Jackson was a decent entertainer. Since the untimely passing of Len Bias, I've read tons of articles, watched specials on athletes and substance abuse and talked to youth about the dangers of drug use at various mentoring programs. Quite often someone much younger will ask me to give more details about Len Bias and what occurred. I always pause for a second, almost like I did when the news of his death was first received. There's almost no way to explain the events that took his life. I mean, even 23 years later it still stings. Seeing Without Bias really answered some questions that I had. It gave me some clarity on things I had wondered for many years. I'm sure it will answer questions that folks have.

I'm not saying that there's earth shattering testimony given during the film. We hear from the James & Lonise Bias, former Georgetown coach John Thompson, former UMD coach Lefty Driesell, former UNC coach Dean Smith, a number of Bias' Terrapin teammates including Keith Gatlin, David Gregg & Jeff Baxter and various sports writers including Michael Wilbon, Kevin Blackistone, James Brown & Jackie MacMullan. Now a documentary would not be complete without having Marion Barry in the mix. He said a few words also.

However that biggest impact on the film was the appearance of Brian Tribble. After all these years, we finally to hear from him during the film. I'm not talking about a quick 10 second sound byte either. You get to hear the story in his own words regarding what occurred. You get to truly see how Len's death affected him. You can feel it. The segments where Tribble talked were very profound.


As an added bonus to the evening, director Kirk Fraser was available for Q&A after the screening. It was clear that many folks either didn't care about the Q&A session or just didn't know because as the credits rolled, people were piling out into the lobby. I'd guess that maybe 75% of the folks had left, but best believe I remained. Fraser answered a handful of questions from the audience. A good number of folks also stepped to the mic to commend and thank him for making the film. There was a brief point where one of the audience members asked if there were any of participants of the film in house. At that time it was announced that Brian Tribble was present and he was given a mic and stepped to the stage to sit next to Kirk Fraser. The brother at the mic in the aisle began to ask a variety of questions to Tribble all in one breath. To his credit, Tribble maintained his composure amidst a flurry of random thoughts that seemed to pop in the gentleman's head and said something to the effect of "That's a lot of questions, what's your primary point?", which garnered a laugh from the remaining crowd.

The man proceeded to ask Tribble what he had learned from the incident, but also asked him whether the drugs were supplied by him or Bias that night and how such pure cocaine found it's way into the dorm room that night. Without transcript of the Q&A, it's impossible for me to summarize that complete dialogue. However, Tribble acknowledged being 'hard headed' and making young mistakes in life as everyone does. He also said that folks should listen to those who love them. In response to the question about the cocaine, he basically said "Only two people know where it came from... me and Len. He's passed on, so I could easily say it was him. But he's not here to defend himself, so what's the purpose in discussing this aspect?". That's not a direct quote, but his response was similar to that. The way it is quoted might sound abrasive or snappy, but it was far from that. It was said more in a somber tone that I think everyone in the audience understood.

What does it matter 23 yrs later where the drugs came from? Why disparage the man's name now or ever? Regardless of where it came from, the circumstances won't change. It won't bring Len Bias back. At some point he made a conscious decision to use cocaine that night and it took his life. I gained respect for Brian Tribble. First, just his appearance in the film and secondly for walking up to that stage and answering questions. That definitely was not anticipated. I for one, laid a great amount of blame upon him in my conscience for Lenny's death. I don't feel that way any longer.

Getting back to Kirk Fraser, there was one answer that really stuck with me. When asked by one attendee whether he was connected to the Bias family or what was the reason he decided to make the film he answered "My connection is I'm one of the individuals that he saved... because of his story I didn't go down that path".


Props to Kirk Fraser on making the story come to life and told the way it needed to be told. Look out for Frosty (Len's nickname), the biographical motion picture sometime in 2011

But first, make sure you see the documentary film. Yeah I said it again.

Peace & Love...



NYC : Meet the fastest man

Usain Bolt will be in NYC tomorrow.

Saturday, September 29
Puma store in Union Square

Off the Dome

random thoughts...

brett favre's arm will give out by mid season.

i wanna see floyd mayweather vs manny pacquaio fight for the title. period

michael crabtree...get signed man! you are getting some bad advice

do you know any grown men who spend more than 5 hrs a week playing john madden? i do...

as much as i hate to say it, i'm not sold on usain bolt's world records. in the back of my mind...he's on something

if your team is down by 5 points and you have to go 80 yds to score, who do you want to quarterback your team? tom brady or joe montana

despite only knowing this kardashian chick for a month, lamar odom is about to marry this chick? are you kiddin me?

ever noticed how ballerz wanna be rapperz and rapperz wanna be ballerz?

speaking of rappin ballerz, is shaq the best? if so...what does that say? lol

tiger woods makes it look so easy. when i tee off my shots go all over the place

i didn't think there was anything wrong with micheal jordan's hall of fame speech...

you gotta love college football!

i'm gonna check out the new lebron james movie

love him or hate him...you gotta respect peyton manning

looking forward to the baseball post season

i'm a fan of this team!!! yankess, baby
serena williams got mad during a tennis match. who cares? in the heat of competition, you'll say anything.

if i ever meet a nfl sideline reporter like pam oliver or suzy kolber i'm gonna ask them which nfl player has the stinkest breath?

the most feared 3 letters in sports...ACL

shaq and lebron don't have enough to beat orlando nor boston unless bron bron goes for 40 pts, 9 rebs, 8 assts.

love to talk to women who love football


Laila Ali interview on TV One

Interesting to see how she got in the business and how she never felt being a professional female boxer was an option for her. Chances are we'll never see her in the ring again though. She believes there's no competition out there for her right now and its not like she's getting any younger. She has already ventured out into other things and has a book out. Check the video.


"There's Always Next Year..."

That is the Mets fan's lament right there; we've been saying that mess since 1986. We came so close in 2000 (vs. the Yankees... what a harsh & bitter loss that was) and even last year- the team was kicking ass & taking names all season, only to fall flat on their faces in the fall.

It's hard out here for a Mets fan, I'll tell you what. But it was written from jump; I should have known this season was going to be a hard one.

Our best players were hurt and unable to play, especially Reyes who, some may argue, should have had his operation in the spring instead of so late in the season where it could affect his eligibility for next year, too. Some are just too old to be the powerhouses they once were (Delgado, I'm looking at you, honeysugarbear!). And the final final final straw that made me stop checking the stats everyday and store my fitted in the closet? My dearest darling Santana needs surgery on his elbow is out for the season. WHAT'S THE POINT OF LIVING?

But lets not forget that the Phillies (unfortunately) have found their stride as a team and are on fire right now, so maybe the Mets would have still fallen to this mighty clubhouse? Probably. But at least it would have been like last year- right on the Phillies' tails and making them work for it- instead of being nearly 20 games behind first place!

I asked my co-worker, a fellow baseball enthusiast: What would need to happen for the Mets to be in contention for a playoff spot right now?

His response? "If all the other teams die in a plane crash." OUCH.

But quietly... I know some people. Just say the word, Manuel. Just say the word.

MetsWatch '09: W59-L74-GB18.5
Next game: 9/3/09 VS. COL @ Coors Field, Pat Misch (#48, 0-1 for the season) pitching



Why you ask? Well because its an amazing sports show. I really don't understand why these dudes haven't been picked up yet. They are funny, knowledgeable, aggressive, and entertaining and they are doing everything themselves. From booking A-List athletes, to producing, and being the talent. I love these guys, and they obviously love Eb too because they invited me to be a guest host on the show tonight. Guess who I get to talk to...GERALD SENSABAUGH who is a starting Safety for my beloved Cowboys. I'm excited to be apart of the show tonight so make sure you tune in. CLICK HERE for the show page and also check out the blog that coincides with the show.


Brendan Haywood will also be on the show tonight but everyone knows I am heavy in Football mode right now so being hype about anything NBA is slim!