Dwyane Wade Talks Chicago Hip Hop with Gatorade Replay

In light of Season 3 of Gatorade replay Chicago natives, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Jennifer Hudson, and No ID team up for a windy city anthem "We Can Do It Now" In this clip they talk about creating the record and D. Wade chimes in from time to time


Eb the Celeb previews Lombardi on Broadway

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a preview performance of Lombardi, a new play by Oscar winner Eric Simonson, that's based on the best-selling biography When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi, by Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Maraniss.

Lombardi's story is dynamic whether you are a football fan or not. Just look at this quote:
The word 'play' is relative and can be used to refer to any aspect of your life. So I suggest going to see Lombardi on Broadway for anyone that strives to bull better than what they are. I'm hoping that's everyone in the world but at least those that read this blog. The play was witty, hilarious, and drama filled. The best part for me was the stadium seating. I've been to several Broadway plays and they all are set up the typical way with orchestra seating and balcony seating but the stadium seating for this play everyone feel as if they were apart of the story. Check out a montage of the play:


I want NBA Jam for the Wii

As much as I talk about how much I love my Wii on my blogs and on Twitter Nintendo and all the game making companies should have me on speed dial lined u to send me games when they come out. The only sports game I have with my Wii currently is Madden but its seems as if EA needs to go ahead and add NBA Jam to my collection. The game not only features athletes but you can also play with rappers and producers as well. Check out Rocnation Artist J. Cole being featured as well as Producer 9th Wonder.


PICS: Cowboys stadium tour & game day

This past weekend I went down to Dallas for the Cowboys season opener against the Chicago Bears. Yeah yeah yeah we lost but I still had a great time touring the best stadium in the world and being able to experience a game in the stadium. Check out my pics!

To check out video of my tour go HERE.


Football is back!!!!

Rejoice dear brethren! Football is back in full effect! Last Thursday, I was so happy, I burst into a full-on dance of joy. That was until Sunday came and my Panthers got molly-wopped by those dreadful New York Giants. *sigh*

I had high hopes for Matt Moore. I mean, he was the anti-Jake Delhomme, right? Apparently not. He channeled Mr. Bojangles on Sunday afternoon by throwing three interceptions in the end zone. Who does that? Then, we went from bad to worse putting in the rookie, Jimmy Clausen.

Dude, I get that you're green. A lil' wet behind the ears, even. You should know by now that playing scared ain't never won anybody a football game. It's up to you to step up and take this spot now. John Fox can not afford to ride the same failing quarterback. If Matt Moore has another Sunday like he had yesterday, I guarantee YOU will be starting. #stepitup

Thank GOD the Falcons and the Cowboys lost and the WNBA finals started yesterday or I would have been totally pissed off about my whole Sunday. I feel like every time the Falcons and Cowboys lose, an angel gets wings. *shrug*

Sidenote: The first game of the WNBA finals was thebomb.com. I am SO excited about this series, it's not even funny. Both Seattle and Atlanta brought it in Game 1. Game 2 is tomorrow night on ESPN 2. Watch, I know I will be!


Serena Williams Covers Hamptons Mag

Even though she's not participating in this year's U.S. Open due to injury, right before the festivities began she hosted an event in NYC to celebrate her Hamptons Magazine cover and help build awareness about Russell Simmons D.E.F. (Diamond Empowerment Fund.) Both were in attendance.

Ever since these pictures came out everyone has been talking about possible plastic surgery she may have gotten done. I can't confirm or deny but I know she looks gorgeous and I told her so when I interviewed her on the carpet so whatever surgeon she used should be very proud of his work. Check out this video where I caught up with both Serena and Russell.


Play Pigskin Pick Em With Eb

This Thursday is officially the start of the 2010 NFL season and I cannot wait. I started a pigksin pick em group to have a little fun with the Sista Sports readers throughout the season. Each week you just log in and pick the winners of each game for the week and I always have prizes up my sleeve so you never know what will be in store for the person that has the highest score at the end of the season.

To get in on the action just go here


The password is sportsista



Eb sits down with Mike Hill from ESPN

If you aren't familiar with my other blog, I recently started this series called "Eating w/ Eb" where I go to different restaurants in the city with industry tastemakers, socialites, athletes, musicians, etc and chop it up over great food since I'm a foodie. I posted this on EbtheCeleb.com but since it's sports related figured I might as well post it here as well. In Episode 3 of Eating w/ Eb, Mike Hill gives me his predictions for this year's Superbowl. We also talk about ESPN has incorporated hip hop and what he has going on outside of ESPN. Check it out:


Eb loves Shaq Vs.

I'm not too fond of Shaq but he definitely knows how to put on a good show. The second season of Shaq vs. has been 20x better than the first season. In this week's episode Shaq tackles a sport that is near and dear to my heart. Track & Field against Rudy Gay. Wait til you see how skinny Shaq's legs are. He definitely lost some weight and did some training for this one because I've never seen him run up and down the court this fast LOL. Check it out


Pilar Sanders in VH1's Football Wives

Immediately after the success of Basketball Wives, Vh1 released a press release that Football Wives was on the way. I was actually optimistic. Having to deal with spouses in both sports, Football Wives are definitely a lot cooler, down to earth, and personable than the high maintenance basketball wives. Plus I was hoping they would actually use "wives" for the football spin-off. Things are looking on the up and up since Pilar Sanders (wife of the great retired Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders) did a photo shoot recently with D magazine andVH1 cameras were on deck. I loooooooved the reality show her and Deion had together and I know if she's involved in this show there will at least be some class about it.

Still no word on when the show will premiere or any other wives that are involved but I will be watching. Here's video of D Magazine catching the Vh1 cameras in action during their photoshoot.


Eb attends Ocho Cinco vs. T.O. Game @ Rucker Park

I went out there to get an interview and it was so hectic out there that I never got the chance but I did get some highlights and footage of the two in Harlem's Rucker Park. Check it out:


Chad Ocho Cinco & Terrell Owens take over Rucker Park

 click on the pic to make it larger
On Monday, July 12th there will be a Ocho Cinco vs. T.O. came in Rucker Park. This should be a good one. Shouts to Greg of EBC for making this one happen. Also a quick reminder that both of their reality shows are finally premiering this Sunday on VH1 @ 9pm. Eb will most definitely be watching.


Some celebrations should be private Ron Artest

Y'all know how much I HATE athletes that all of a sudden think they are a rapper. Ron Artest is no exception and we have addressed the issue in his regard over here at Sista Sports previously. I'm all for all types of expression. When you win a championship there are so many ways one can get out all the emotions of happiness they are feeling but recording a record should not be one of them. When this mess came out right after the Lakers won I gave him a pass. Instead of crying and being overjoyed he headed to the studio.  But when remixes are involved and you call on T-Pain and Polow Da Don as if you are trying to take music seriously and not use it as a form of excitement for your win is when the madness has to stop. CLICK HERE if you feel compelled to listen to the track. Granted it's not the worst athlete rap I've heard but I'm still shaking my damn head.


Today in NYC - Entertainers Basketball Classic Kick off & Family Day

Saturday, June 12, 2010
12:00pm - 8:00pm
Rucker Park
155th St. & Frederick Douglass (8th Ave)

Chalk it up to a love of Harlem and all things Basketball - plus a zeal for seeing the kids have a ball, while smiling all-day.

This Saturday, Rucker Park will be full with Basketball Lovers, Basketball Players, Children, Celebrities, High School Teams, Rides, Ponies, Horses, Food, Fun, Performances and More. And it's free.

"It's a gift to the community," says Greg Marius, CEO and Founder of the Entertainers Basketball Classic, which puts the Family Day on and, since 1980, has brought Celebrities, Pro Players and Streetball to Harlem's Legendary Rucker Park. "It's more an event to let the community know we appreciate them on a whole, as well as them allowing us to play loud music late in the evening." Laughs Marius

On Saturday, kids can ride Ponies and Horses, get on several rides, eat for free and Play Play Play.

Rap Artist Fat Joe will perform center court at 6pm and the Denver Nuggets Star Carmelo Anthony will be on hand to run a Basketball Clinic for a pre-selected group of Harlem youth (This group has been pre-selected from charitable organizations that serve the youth of Harlem, all availability have been taken)

Entertainers Basketball Classic's Family Day Schedule:

8-11 am – Carmelo Anthony Clinic

12 noon – Mustang All Star Demonstration Game

1:30 pm – Jersey HS Championship

3:00 pm – Celebrity Game

5:00 pm – Bronx A HS Division Championship

6:30 – 8:00 pm – Performance by Fat Joe &
Additional Celebrity Artists


Staying With This Team Through Thick And Thin: A Review Of Mathematically Alive, A Story Of Fandom

A few years ago I heard about an interesting documentary about devout Mets fans like myself. My first thought was INTERVIEW MEEEEEEEEE! But my second thought was WHERE CAN I SEE THIS FILM?

Luckily for me I knew someone who knew the filmmaker and VOILA- I now own the DVD.

The interviews in Mathematically Alive - A Story of Fandom were conducted by filmmakers Joseph Coburn and Katherine Foronjy during the 2005-2006 seasons when it seemed like the Mets were going to take it all the way. And boy oh boy what an emotional time that was for myself and all Mets fans around the world! Throughout the award-winning film (it won Best Documentary at the 2007 New Jersey Film Festival), Coburn and Foronjy encounter die-hard collectors, fans who travel to away games, fans that wait by the players' entrance to speak to their favorite player and a shrink to help explain the insanity of it all.

"We are very social creatures," explains Dr. Daniel Wann, sports psychologist at Murray State University, "and it's very important to us to identify with something larger than the self." Dr. Wann also added that with social aspects of life like family and attending religious institutions on the decline, it only makes sense that sports has crept in to fill that void for many. And trust that no fans are as tightly knit as Mets fans... we're each others' support systems in the bad times and each others' cheerleaders in the good.

Not only did I find this documentary hella-informative, I must recommend it to one and all if for no other reason than to experience the CRAZINESS that is a real, true-orange-and-blue New York Mets fan. For example:

  • The collectors who devote entire rooms in their homes to Mets memorabilia
  • The guy in Port St. Lucie that painted his house blue and orange
  • The chick who dumped her sister's ashes in left field at Shea Stadium
  • The ladies that followed Mike Piazza EVERYWHERE he went (in their defense they weren't technically stalkers; most times it was Piazza inviting them!)
  • The dude who has the Mets logo ON HIS TOOTH and named his son SEAVER... #iCan't

The film also includes such gems like the guy who exclaimed, "We'd rather be Republicans than Yankee fans," and the other who, after the Mets tanked in the playoffs versus the Cardinals in 2006, said he'd need counseling in the off-season. I cannot make this stuff up!

Dr. Wann makes it a point to say that many of these fans are addicted to their teams similar to how a junkie is addicted to crack. I mean, he didn't use those terms but that's what he was getting at. I think he's right, especially with regards to Mets fan. What else can explain our allegiance to a team that lets us down more often than not? Hell- I'm not afraid to admit it: I'm Jaded and I'm addicted to the New York Mets! But I'm not going to rehab so don't even bother...

Back to the documentary... one thing I noticed that was rather troubling, was how even the super devout fanatics began to doubt and poo-poo the team as soon as they performed poorly. After Game 3 against the Cardinals the interviewees were already walking away defeated. IT WAS ONLY GAME THREE- why the long face???

See, this is why we lose! All these "fans" sending their bad juju to the team at the first sign of disappointment. Someone even said, "Even when we're winning I'm always waiting for someone to knock us down." FOR REAL, THO? Girl, BYE! We don't need your kind fucking it up for the team... can you believe this mess?

*deep cleansing breaths*

All in all I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary (even though the players' faces had to be scrambled out of the shots!) and would recommend it to anyone who loves the Mets, loves sports and enjoys watching crazy fans act, well, crazy!


Mathematically Alive - A Story of Fandom (2007). Directed and produced by Joseph Coburn & Katherine Foronjy. Now available on DVD. Photos courtesy of the filmmakers.


Lakers-Celtics: Rivalry Renewed


Somebody wake me the hell up!!! Throw some ice water on me or somethin'. I waited 21 years for my Celtics to get back to the NBA Finals vs the Lakers in '08 and now they're about to get busy once again 23 years later in 2010. That NBA rivalry between 84-87 was definitely the best that I've witnessed in my lifetime. The Lakers stars back then were Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Byron Scott, A.C. Green, Kurt Rambis, Jamaal Wilkes, Bob McAdoo and Michael Cooper. Celtics came to the court with Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge, Dennis Johnson, Cedric 'Cornbread' Maxwell, Gerald Henderson and Robert Parish. The Celtics were coached by KC Jones and the Lakers by Pat Riley.


This years total cast of characters doesn't have the star power of that cast, but damn sure will bring as excitement once they tip-off. My Celtics squad returns the starting 5 that won the title in '08 with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins. No one expected them to get back to the NBA Finals. No one!!! The Lakers as the defending '09 champions have Kobe Bryant who is arguably the best player in the game right now. The rest of the LA roster is a bunch of misfits. To be very honest, who cares about the rest of the squad??? Aiiight, they have basically the same squad from '08 with Gasol, Odom & Fisher. Having a 'somewhat healthy Andrew Bynum and the acquisition of Ron Artest in the '09 offseason was significant in propelling them back into the Finals. I respect the Lakers squad, but I don't like them at all. I can't help it cuz it's in my blood.


Even though I grew up in DC and constantly saw the Bullets, I became a Celtics fan. That's primarily because of my dad and granddad. My grandfolks lived in Roxbury, MA when I was real young. On those winter school breaks as a youngster, pop would take me from DC to Boston to visit the grandfolks for the holidays. Pops aint one for driving, so we always flew. During those trips we would find our way to the Boston Garden. There I was laced with a Nate 'Tiny' Archibald jersey, other Celtic trinkets andI quickly embraced the green and white as my team.


I grew up with tons of Celtics memorabilia and apparel. I personally have an autograph book with signatures of Larry Bird, Red Auerbach, Bailey Howell, Cedric 'Cornbread' Maxwell, John Havlicek & a ton other Celtics greats. I got all of those on my own walking various arenas before games when the Celtics were warming up. So understand that a second NBA Finals appearance in 3 seasons is a kid's dream. I've been to tons of Celtics games in my lifetime. I've flown to playoff games in other cities, home openers in Boston and more games vs the Bullets/Wizards than I can count since I do live in the DC area. I went to Game 2 of the '08 NBA Finals and my hope is to somehow get to Boston for a game this series. It might take a wing and a prayer, but I'm gonna find a way.


I cheered for a Celtics squad in '07 that won a total of 24 games and now they're going for their 2nd title in 3 years. Talk about the ping pong balls bouncing your way. I was mad when we didn't get the number one pick and a chance to get Greg Oden. One word: fortunate. Thanks Danny Ainge for the GM power moves, we all appreciate ya. I sure as hell never expected to be cheering for KG and Ray Allen in Celtic green. It almost seems unbelievable.


With all that being said, a brotha is full of energy anticipating the opening tip-off on Thursday night. Once it's all said and done I expect my Celtics squad to send Kobe home lookin' sad just like they did in '08. It's time to raise championship banner #18.


My prediction for the 2010 NBA Finals... Boston Celtics in 6. Just a reminder, I did predict a Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals back in Oct... Don't believe me? Click here...



G. Mo


The Newest Met: Hisanori Takahashi

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to an absolute welcomed addition to the Mets bullpen family, Mr. Hisanori Takahashi of Japan. The 35yr-old pitcher (#47) was signed to a minor league contract by the Mets in February, but his spring training performance quickly earned him a spot as a starter (especially since that knucklehead Oliver Perez got DEEE-moted!).

In his earlier career, Takahashi pitched in college and in Japan's Industrial League before landing a spot in the Nippon Professional League in 2000 for the Yomiuri Giants. He remained there until 2009 when he became an international free agent, scouted by teams like the Giants, Dodgers and Red Sox, but TOO BAD, SO SAD, we nabbed him!

So far, Takahashi has been doing the damn thing on the mound. In his 17 appearances (two starts), Takahashi has 4 wins and only one loss, a 2.13 ERA and 44 strikeouts.

This is pretty impressive considering he was not doing as well in Japan. Listen, whatever it is that's making him perform better *coughDRUGScough* I really don't care as long as he keeps those batters at bay. Is that wrong of me? Ask me if I care. WE NEED A CHAMPIONSHIP, DAMMIT!

Besides, it's nice to see some new talent on the mound; Santana can't do it all, and he's still recovering from his surgery. Takahashi- you have the Jaded Seal of Approval; BIENVENIDOS!!!

MetsWatch '10: W25-L23-GB2
Next game: 5/28/10 VS. MIL @ Miller Park, Johan Santana (#57, 4-2 for the season) pitching


NBA Player Turned R&B Singer??

I've talked immensely about how much I hate the athletes that try to rap. To date it still hasn't been a good idea or a good look for any of them. I think this might be the first time where an athlete has decided to pursue a singing career. Kareem Rush definitely isn't the best singer, I kinda get a Montell Jordan vibe when I listened to this song and that's probably not a good thing since on most songs I wonder why he wasn't a ball player, considering his height. You take a listen for yourself though and hit me in the comments with whether or not you feel this ex-baller has a voice that the R&B world wants and needs to hear.


The Mets' Fan Guide To Enjoying The Subway Series

Ever since 1997 when interleague play was made a part of the regular baseball season, baseball fans in NYC have had the pleasure of watching their beloved Yankees and Mets go head-to-head at least six times per season. For me it is both invigorating- just the thought of being able to say IN YO' FACE to a Yankee fan pumps me up- and exasperating- knowing deep down inside that the cards will most likely be in favor of those Bronx dudes.

But that's okay, because part of being a Mets fan is having that child-like hope and wonder and anticipation and FAITH in our Amazin' team. Win or lose, we're there for them.

I have a certain ritual for watching the Subway Series these days, just to save myself the agita of dealing with those obnoxious Yankee fans (because lets face it- no one os MORE obnoxious than a Yankee fan) and figured I'd do my fellow Mets' peeps a solid and share the tricks of the trade:

1- Ignore the previous years' stats. SO WHAT if the Yankees have won significantly more of these interleague games than the Mets have. Who cares? Just keep telling yourself: This is the year we will knock them on their ass.

2- Try and forget the 2000 World Series. Don't let this psych you out of your zone. Think only GOOD THOUGHTS during the game or you'll f*ck it up for the whole team!

3- DO NOT WATCH WITH A YANKEE FAN. Or in the Bronx. They will ruin the whole experience for you with their taunting and pointing and laughing, and next thing you know you've been arrested for manslaughter because that idiot in the Jeter jersey would not shut the hell up.

4- Choose a Mets-friendly establishment. Try some of the new places in and around Citifield, or Bobby V's Bar & Grill at the Ramada Inn in Corona. I also hear that Mudville9 in Manhattan, Ann Reilley's in Flushing and Mooney's in Brooklyn cater to our ilk, too.

5- Join a Mets fan Meetup Group. I used to be a member of meetup.com and one of the groups I joined right away was the Mets one. They got together on a regular to watch the games together decked out in full team colors from head-to-toe. It truly felt like home!

If none of these tickle your fancy then please, invite some Mets-friendly folk over to your house, queue up the 1,000" flat-panel plasma, put out the chips n salsa and enjoy the victories from the comfort of your sofa. Just please don't forget to send me your address; I make a killer pasta salad :)

May Series: 5/21-23 at Citifield
June Series: 6/18-20 at Yankee Stadium

MetsWatch '10: W19-L22-GB6
Next game: 5/20/10 VS. WSH @ Nationals Park, John Maine (#33, 1-3 for the season) pitching


Lingerie football changes it's focus

I was extremely skeptical when this whole "thing" started to erupt being a huge fan of football, it even took me knowing a couple AFL players before I could watch Arena. I don't like football being poked fun at, changed, imitated, and the Lingerie football league seemed to be a perverted man's dream. Chicks with barely any clothes on running up and down a field and whining if they broke a nail. I really couldn't see anyone that was a true fan of football watching this mess and that it would be popular for a couple years and then lose interest just like the AFL did. Founder, Mitchell Mortaza has now changed it's focus:
"Last year we had models trying to play football. This year we're gonna have athletes that happen to be beautiful playing football."

Check out video of their recent try outs for the upcoming season.


Ballers make good TV outside their sport

Are ballers on TV the new black? The time when we wondered what athletes did off the field (that doesn't include them on the news for a DUI or shooting themselves in the leg at a club) is over. We are now seeing our favorite athletes on the tube more than ever. From the T.O. Show to Shaq vs. to D'Hani Tackles the Globe to Pro's vs. Joe's you now get to see them in so many different elements and really get a close-up look at their personalities off the field. Even shows that take them out of their element with the many ballers that have participated in Dancing with the Stars. Ocho Cinco, who is on the season that is airing now even inked a deal to have his own dating show on VH1. I can't wait until The Tournament airs in July because he really has the energy and personality to make great TV. 

VH1 is really becoming the mecca for these athletes even when the show is about ballers indirectly. Prime example "Basketball Wives" which I prefer to call " I boned a baller" since only 1 of them is married to a baller and they look like they are headed for divorce. Even though these chicks are beyond a train wreck, there association still makes good TV.

The newest athlete to catch the bug is NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony. Anthony and long time girlfriend Lala have signed on to let VH1 follow them as they prepare for their wedding. I hope the show ends up like the best possible episodes of Bridezilla imaginable. The show premieres September 13th.

Athletes have not only looked to television for entertainment purposes only, they have also looked to TV for redemption. I definitely feel The Michael Vick Project helped his career out immensely. People were able to really see his story, and the fact that he didn't make excuses, was remorseful, and ready to move on made me want everyone to let the man move on.

There are so many different athletes and so many different sports but I want the SistaSports readers to let me know what athlete you would like see get a show and what type of show would fit them best??? Hit me in the comments!


The Pressure in New Orleans

The New Orleans Saints have a colorful past, which only makes sense for one of the most eccentric cities in the country. New Orleans has great food, music, shopping and festivals second only to Chicago (but of course I'm biased). New Orleans is by far the strongest, one serious blow after another, the city continues to rebuild and transform. Being at the bottom of the map has exposed them to hurricanes, none more devastating than Hurricane Katrina. And now the city is back in the spotlight due to a severe oil spill that is paralyzing the seafood industries, wildlife and family-owned businesses. Through it all, the sports world keeps it ticking and even the beloved Superbowl champions have found themselves in an unfavorable light...again.

Over the last few days, reports of drug abuse have come seeping out of the doors of the Saints camp. Former Saints security director and ex-FBI agent, Geoffrey Santini, filed a lawsuit Friday stating he left his position with the Saints because he didn't want to get caught up in a drug scandal involving the team. Santini didn't specifically name individuals, only naming them as "Senior Staff Member A" and "Senior Staff Member B". However, his detailed description of a break into the Saints drug locker pointed towards assistant head coach Joe Vitt. The former security director also insinuated that head coach Sean Payton, who has always been Mr. Good Guy, abuses Vicodin.

For a team and a city still high, no pun intended, off of winning the Lombardi trophy, this scandal is certainly not welcome. Under normal circumstances the adrenaline rush before, during and shortly thereafter the Superbowl tends to wear off by mid February. However, when your team has a history of fans decked out on paper bags and having never been to the Superbowl, the bragging rights clearly last well into the warmer days of spring. Louisiana natives are still wearing championship paraphernalia, and watching highlights of the game. But it seems as though the needle on the record has been scratched, the nails have traced the chalkboard, and the party seems to be over.

These allegations are new to the general public, but the Saints organization has been dealing with this issue since last summer, and turned over all evidence to authorities in June of 2009. After the allegations leaked on Friday, Saints officials said the lawsuit had no merit. The organization also stated Santini shopped the lawsuit to them before filing, seeking $2 million to keep it to himself. Coach Payton came forward Saturday and said, "I have never abused or stolen Vicodin or any other medication."

There are many, many questions and statements have been more than vague. The 13-page lawsuit highlights the existence of videotape showing Vitt stealing Vicodin pills, a possible cover-up by team general manager Mickey Loomis, and coach Payton taking Vicodin without a prescription. Every prescription drug, in every NFL locker room is accounted for and requires a written prescription from a team doctor. Therefore, missing pills ending up in the hands of those not intended would ultimately result in federal charges. Every Saints fan, and really every football fan that has been charmed by the Cinderella team, that rose out of the Katrina waters with a discarded and presumably broken quarterback wants a happy ending. The Saints became America's team, the underdog that everyone found himself of herself rooting for. As a newly inducted passenger on the Saints bandwagon, I certainly hope the allegations turn out to be false.

We, yes I said we, already have to deal with quarterback Drew Brees being voted onto the cover of Madden 2011. Whether you believe in the curse or not, Madden 2010 did effect Troy Polamalu and just barely escaped Larry Fitzgerald. Maybe someone in New Orleans can whip up some voodoo magic and make all of this go away (call it a stereotype if you want, I'm just offering suggestions).


Jimmy Clausen, c'mon down!!!

Words can not describe the amount of happiness running through my veins as the announcement came through that my Carolina Panthers had picked up Jimmy Clausen.
For the past three years, the Cats have been struggling with inconsistency at the QB position. Jakey D was effin' up royally and it seemed that nobody in the entire organization gave a crap.
But this year will be different. This year, we've got (we hope) at least two solid QBs. They're young and they'll make mistakes, but I'd rather have them than some old guy making mistakes. #shotsfired #poorcleveland
This year will be one of rebuilding and restructuring. While we do have a pair of running backs in D'Angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, we can't just fun the ball every down. We've got an awesome receiver in Steve Smith and picked up two receivers with a lot of potential in drafting Brandon LaFell and QB/receiver Armanti Edwards.
Nobody has even mentioned re-signing Mushin Muhammad and that's unfortunate. I think he was solid in that No. 2 position. I must say though, with Edwards coming in as a QB/receiver, a part of me hopes he turns into another Hines Ward. Ward has been so effective as a receiver, folks forgot he was a QB in college.
Even if Edwards turns into another Ward, what good will it do if we don't have anyone who can get him the ball? My hope is that Clausen, Edwards and LaFell are able to bring with them the tenacity needed to get us to the post season. They'd better hope so, anyway, or Foxy will be looking for a job come mid-season.
I hope that the offensive coordinator won't be too scared to put the ball in the air. Right now, we've got a rep for ALWAYS running the ball. I hoping that with Clausen's arrival and Matt Moore already being in the groove, we'll be able to shed that and Carolina can become the team to beat in the NFC South. Lord knows nobody wants to deal with the mouths of Eb the Celeb and 12 Kyle if my boys fall to theirs. *shudders*
All in all, I'm happy with the way we came out in the draft. Now let's get to training camp! I might even be tempted to head down I-85 South to Spartanburg to see what the fellas are up to. I might even stop being so cheap and spring for some Panthers tickets this year. Who knows?


And the Round 1 NFL Draft 2010 Best Dressed Award goes to...

Joe Baden. That boy was sharp in his Astor & Black suit with the black accent on the collar. Eb likes a lot!

Best tie goes to Russell Okung. 

You know you can't go wrong with Eb if you're rocking purple. Jared Odrick was right on his coat tail for second place in the tie department.

 Best shirt goes to Ndamukong Suh
 It was different and was giving me a lil Andre 3000 vibe so he got cool points for going outside the norm.

Now excuse me for a second while I say hello to the newest Dallas Cowboy Mr. Dez Bryant!!!

Hey boo, welcome to the team. I hear you'll be rocking the #88 jersey. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Please don't make me have to snatch the number off your back. Do it proud! I know you will. Now get to work!


Sidebar - Check out a full recap of my experience on location at Radio City Music Hall for the 2010 NFL over at Black Sport Online by going HERE.

Jaded Takes On...Fencing!!

Last year, after Eb the Celeb scolded me for ONLY writing about baseball, I conceived an ambitious little project in my mind. I thought, "Wouldn't it be a HOOT if I recorded myself playing different sports?" seeing as I'm SUCH a couch potato.

Well, six months later, the first in a series of "webisodes" featuring yours truly tackling a world of athletes is ready to be released.

And here it is:

Jaded Takes On...Fencing from The Jaded NYer on Vimeo.

I want to thank my good friend Elisheba for arranging the lesson with her son Samuel, Samuel for being such a great coach, and my film crew Video Vixon and Joshen Reborn for making me look good.

It was one of the funnest things I've ever done, and I can't wait to film the next one!!
MetsWatch '10: W7-L9-GB3.5
Next game: 4/23/10 VS. ATL @ CitiField, John Maine (#33, 0-1 for the season) pitching


Pics inside the 2010 ESPN Pre-Draft Party

Eb was in the building for the ESPN Draft Party aka THE BEST PARTY TO HIT NYC EVERY YEAR, last night at E-Space. Here I am on the carpet with Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson.

Questlove provided the tunes all night and definitely had me dancing all night.

Check out pics of other people that were in the place to be

Jerry Rice and Dhani Jones

Jets' Darrelle Revis and Steeler's LaMarr Woodley

Green Bay Packer Ryan Grant

Atlanta Falcons' Tony Gonzalez

Coco & Ice-T

49ers player Takeo Spikes, rapper Waka Flocka and NY Jets Tony Richardson

So many others were in the party as well, Darren Sharper and his dimples (salty I couldn't find a pic of him) and even Whoopi Goldberg was in the party and talked about it today in hot topics on The View. I'll leave you showing some of the guys that are the reason we're even partying. Here are some NFL prospects

Derrick Morgab

 Gerald McCoy

Sam Bradford