Dwyane Wade Talks Chicago Hip Hop with Gatorade Replay

In light of Season 3 of Gatorade replay Chicago natives, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Jennifer Hudson, and No ID team up for a windy city anthem "We Can Do It Now" In this clip they talk about creating the record and D. Wade chimes in from time to time


Eb the Celeb previews Lombardi on Broadway

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a preview performance of Lombardi, a new play by Oscar winner Eric Simonson, that's based on the best-selling biography When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi, by Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Maraniss.

Lombardi's story is dynamic whether you are a football fan or not. Just look at this quote:
The word 'play' is relative and can be used to refer to any aspect of your life. So I suggest going to see Lombardi on Broadway for anyone that strives to bull better than what they are. I'm hoping that's everyone in the world but at least those that read this blog. The play was witty, hilarious, and drama filled. The best part for me was the stadium seating. I've been to several Broadway plays and they all are set up the typical way with orchestra seating and balcony seating but the stadium seating for this play everyone feel as if they were apart of the story. Check out a montage of the play:


I want NBA Jam for the Wii

As much as I talk about how much I love my Wii on my blogs and on Twitter Nintendo and all the game making companies should have me on speed dial lined u to send me games when they come out. The only sports game I have with my Wii currently is Madden but its seems as if EA needs to go ahead and add NBA Jam to my collection. The game not only features athletes but you can also play with rappers and producers as well. Check out Rocnation Artist J. Cole being featured as well as Producer 9th Wonder.