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Good luck everyone!!!

Marion Jones to the WNBA?

With all the world, seemingly, focused on college hoops this week, yours truly is looking ahead to this year's WNBA season. It is sure to be an eventful one with fallen track star Marion Jones signing with the Tulsa Shock.
It's so. She signed with the WNBA's newest team earlier this month after an individual workout. Jones was the starting point guard for the UNC Tarheels in the 1992-93 season as a freshman and a part of the 1994 National Championship team. Though she excelled in track *snicker* she attended Tarheel Country on a basketball scholarship, so mildly put, the girl had skills. She was actually drafted in 2003 by the Phoenix Mercury in the third round, but she never played a minute for the team.
Now, I'm sure you all have heard about her using performance enhancing drugs and having her medals from the 2000 Olympics revoked. She also served six months in federal prison for lying about taking the steroids (perjury) and for check fraud. The Tulsa Shock organization has said she deserves another chance to succeed at athletics. I agree.
At this point, I want to know if she can succeed without her helpers. At 34, I'm pretty sure she's not the point guard she was at Carolina some 18 years ago, but let's hope she's wised up a bit and can be the point guard this brand new team needs.
If nothing else, let's hope she'll be the voice those ladies need in the locker room to keep their heads on straight and focused on their sport.
I'm rooting for Jones. Her fall kinda took the wind outta my sails as a former athlete, but she serves as a reminder as to why we shouldn't put athletes on pedestals. They tend to fall off.
Good luck to Jones and the Detroit *cough* uh, Tulsa Shock.


Pre-Season Quickie: The Day Omar Minaya & I Agreed On Something

I know, I know, just reading that headline made you want to run towards the nearest house of worship and repent for all your wrong-doing but relax- I still despise the Mets' GM Omar Minaya with all of my being. However, he and I just saw eye to eye on a little matter known as prospective relief pitcher Jenrry Mejia.

The 20-year-old Dominican minor leaguer recently closed out an exhibition game against the Marlins that impressed the hell out of manager Jerry Manuel, so much so that he's thinking of adding him to the spring rosters alongside closer Francisco Rodriguez. Now I'm all for adding more quality players to the line-up, especially pitchers, but, um, one good game does not a major-league player make. Maybe Manuel needs to take a chill pill, as my generation used to say.

Minaya's response to all the hoopla is to have Mejia start in Double-A Binghampton in the spring instead and god help me, I agree. Let the boy hone his skills some more, improve his game, all that mess. THEN bring him on to play with the big boys. In his short career so far, Mejia has played in over 40 games, had 10 at-bats and scored NO RUNS. No. Runs. As a pitcher, he's had 11 wins and 11 losses, with a career ERA of 2.91, which is pretty good, but he's not consistent. I'm gonna need more consistency from Mejia before I buy his jersey.

So yes, Minaya, I agree with you- send him back to Binghampton but keep a close watch. If he's doing the damn thing then, hell, bring him on in June or July to close out games. Just not right now. Not yet. He needs more practice.

In other news, Mejia is a certified Hottie McHotterton.

That is all.


Female Fan Fashion!!! Kicks edition!

A while back on my other blog I did a post about how the fashion for female fans has been changing and becoming fresher. Allowing for us to wear gear that repped our team that had style so we didn't have to buy men's clothes in smaller sizes. To check that post out go here. I think we might make this a regular post around these parts and we're going to kick it off with my favorite brand...NIKE who has taken this fashionable fan thing to the next level. Check these out!

Now why is part of me thinking these joints are fly as hell. No not to be walking around in the hood in but I would definitely rock these to a game or sports event. Especially the black and white joints. Something about them is calling my name. The problem with this is that you are going to have the chick that doesn't even like sports rocking these thinking its cool and there is a time and place for everything. This is not an everyday pair of shoes. Special occasions only. Hit me in the comments with how you feel about them though. And any Nike/Jordan Brand reps out there that want to send me a sample pair to try out feel free. I would love to see how comfortable they are... or the lack there of.


Bout damn time!

How many ways can you say goodbye? Hmm, let's see.
So long. Farewell. Adios. Adieu. Goodbye. Good Riddance. Hasta la luego. See ya. Bye. Deuces. Peace. Later. I'll holla. Have a good 'un! Either way, when Carolina Panthers fans are saying it to Jake "Mr. Bojangles" Delhomme, it sounds SO sweet!
My boys FINALLY started listening to me and got rid of one half of the Dynamically Disastrous Duo of Jakey D. and John Fox. I've been waiting three seasons for the organization to tell those dudes,'get ta steppin'! (There's another one.)
I've been blogging, writing letters and yammering on to anyone who would listen about kicking Delhomme's ass to the curb. Well, after throwing away 18 picks last season, I took matters into my own hands and had a lil' talk with Jesus. I gotta tell ya' folks, He answered bye and bye.
After having the worst season ever. After throwing away all those picks and being pissed at everyone but himself, Delhomme can just go fishing! If he had any sense he would. He should sit out for a year and attempt to get into broadcasting or coach a Pop Warner team or something because Lord knows he ain't fit to do much more than that in the way of football.
Now, if getting rid of Jakey wasn't enough, rumor has it that Mike Vick is interested in rocking the teal and black next season. I've wanted Vick in Carolina every since Roger Goddell reinstated him. Hell, I wanted him before we found out he was fighting dogs. Vick is a damn good QB and I feel like with him, Steve Smith and the Wonder Twins, D'Angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, my boys would be in the perfect position to do some regulating next season.
I'm gonna pray. And wait. Ooh, I don't know about ya'll, but this feels like Football Christmas.
I'm so excited. I feel like I should dance or something. But wait, I need music!


The Jackie Robinson Museum: NYC's Version Of A Baseball Hall Of Fame

As a baseball fanatic, one of the items on my To-Do list is to bask in the glory of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. But seeing as being a freelance writer seems to require me to live in poverty, Cooperstown is on the back burner for now. Luckily for me, the Jackie Robinson Foundation is set to open The Jackie Robinson Museum in Lower Manhattan- just a subway ride away.

According to the proposed museum's brochure,

The Jackie Robinson Museum will commemorate the life and legacy of a true American hero through an exploration of his commitment to service and to the achievement of "first class citizenship" for all Americans. It will be a prominent stop on existing cultural routes in New York City and environs, and as a venue for lectures, concerts and receptions. It will serve as a forum for debate and discussion reflecting the ways in which we as a society also can progress through an understanding that one life can make a difference.

In essence this cultural center will not only serve as a tribute to Mr. Robinson and his achievements on the baseball diamond, but also take it a step further and become a platform for social discourse through the example of his humanitarian efforts.

According to reps from the Jackie Robinson Foundation, the museum has a tentative opening date of mid- to- late 2010 and hope to make a huge announcement real soon. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out the artist's rendering of the museum, it's mission statement and all the beautiful exhibits, etc, they plan to make available to the public.

Click here for more information on the Jackie Robinson Museum.

In other news, we are officially 32 days away from the Mets' Opening Day...the butterflies in my stomach are acting more like piranhas. We need a great season so badly...but that's a story for another day!


Ocho Cinco I see yo Booty!!!

Well not really because they blurred it out but I wish they hadn't...lol. I have no idea why he's running around in the woods in the nude but I wish more athletes would. Check it out: