Female Fan Fashion!!! Kicks edition!

A while back on my other blog I did a post about how the fashion for female fans has been changing and becoming fresher. Allowing for us to wear gear that repped our team that had style so we didn't have to buy men's clothes in smaller sizes. To check that post out go here. I think we might make this a regular post around these parts and we're going to kick it off with my favorite brand...NIKE who has taken this fashionable fan thing to the next level. Check these out!

Now why is part of me thinking these joints are fly as hell. No not to be walking around in the hood in but I would definitely rock these to a game or sports event. Especially the black and white joints. Something about them is calling my name. The problem with this is that you are going to have the chick that doesn't even like sports rocking these thinking its cool and there is a time and place for everything. This is not an everyday pair of shoes. Special occasions only. Hit me in the comments with how you feel about them though. And any Nike/Jordan Brand reps out there that want to send me a sample pair to try out feel free. I would love to see how comfortable they are... or the lack there of.


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