Bout damn time!

How many ways can you say goodbye? Hmm, let's see.
So long. Farewell. Adios. Adieu. Goodbye. Good Riddance. Hasta la luego. See ya. Bye. Deuces. Peace. Later. I'll holla. Have a good 'un! Either way, when Carolina Panthers fans are saying it to Jake "Mr. Bojangles" Delhomme, it sounds SO sweet!
My boys FINALLY started listening to me and got rid of one half of the Dynamically Disastrous Duo of Jakey D. and John Fox. I've been waiting three seasons for the organization to tell those dudes,'get ta steppin'! (There's another one.)
I've been blogging, writing letters and yammering on to anyone who would listen about kicking Delhomme's ass to the curb. Well, after throwing away 18 picks last season, I took matters into my own hands and had a lil' talk with Jesus. I gotta tell ya' folks, He answered bye and bye.
After having the worst season ever. After throwing away all those picks and being pissed at everyone but himself, Delhomme can just go fishing! If he had any sense he would. He should sit out for a year and attempt to get into broadcasting or coach a Pop Warner team or something because Lord knows he ain't fit to do much more than that in the way of football.
Now, if getting rid of Jakey wasn't enough, rumor has it that Mike Vick is interested in rocking the teal and black next season. I've wanted Vick in Carolina every since Roger Goddell reinstated him. Hell, I wanted him before we found out he was fighting dogs. Vick is a damn good QB and I feel like with him, Steve Smith and the Wonder Twins, D'Angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, my boys would be in the perfect position to do some regulating next season.
I'm gonna pray. And wait. Ooh, I don't know about ya'll, but this feels like Football Christmas.
I'm so excited. I feel like I should dance or something. But wait, I need music!

Or, perhaps he should let a 'Country Road' take him home to Louisiana.


clnmike said...

Long over due.

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