PICS: Cowboys stadium tour & game day

This past weekend I went down to Dallas for the Cowboys season opener against the Chicago Bears. Yeah yeah yeah we lost but I still had a great time touring the best stadium in the world and being able to experience a game in the stadium. Check out my pics!

To check out video of my tour go HERE.


Football is back!!!!

Rejoice dear brethren! Football is back in full effect! Last Thursday, I was so happy, I burst into a full-on dance of joy. That was until Sunday came and my Panthers got molly-wopped by those dreadful New York Giants. *sigh*

I had high hopes for Matt Moore. I mean, he was the anti-Jake Delhomme, right? Apparently not. He channeled Mr. Bojangles on Sunday afternoon by throwing three interceptions in the end zone. Who does that? Then, we went from bad to worse putting in the rookie, Jimmy Clausen.

Dude, I get that you're green. A lil' wet behind the ears, even. You should know by now that playing scared ain't never won anybody a football game. It's up to you to step up and take this spot now. John Fox can not afford to ride the same failing quarterback. If Matt Moore has another Sunday like he had yesterday, I guarantee YOU will be starting. #stepitup

Thank GOD the Falcons and the Cowboys lost and the WNBA finals started yesterday or I would have been totally pissed off about my whole Sunday. I feel like every time the Falcons and Cowboys lose, an angel gets wings. *shrug*

Sidenote: The first game of the WNBA finals was thebomb.com. I am SO excited about this series, it's not even funny. Both Seattle and Atlanta brought it in Game 1. Game 2 is tomorrow night on ESPN 2. Watch, I know I will be!


Serena Williams Covers Hamptons Mag

Even though she's not participating in this year's U.S. Open due to injury, right before the festivities began she hosted an event in NYC to celebrate her Hamptons Magazine cover and help build awareness about Russell Simmons D.E.F. (Diamond Empowerment Fund.) Both were in attendance.

Ever since these pictures came out everyone has been talking about possible plastic surgery she may have gotten done. I can't confirm or deny but I know she looks gorgeous and I told her so when I interviewed her on the carpet so whatever surgeon she used should be very proud of his work. Check out this video where I caught up with both Serena and Russell.


Play Pigskin Pick Em With Eb

This Thursday is officially the start of the 2010 NFL season and I cannot wait. I started a pigksin pick em group to have a little fun with the Sista Sports readers throughout the season. Each week you just log in and pick the winners of each game for the week and I always have prizes up my sleeve so you never know what will be in store for the person that has the highest score at the end of the season.

To get in on the action just go here


The password is sportsista