Tryin' to win the M-F'n game!!!!


Josh McDaniels Goes Off!!!


Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels just wants to win a motherf'n game!!! You can't blame him for going off on his O-line at that very moment cuz they had 3 straight false start penalties in the red zone. Plus, heading into the Giants game that night, the Broncos had 4 consecutive losses to Ravens, Steelers, Redskins & Chargers. Now, an NFL coach going off on his players is not a surprise. Hell, I even had coaches in Pop Warner who said a curse word or three. The funny part about McDaniel's vent it is that NFL Network had a 'slight' issue with their stellar production team. On the evening of Thanksgiving with millions of people tuned in worldwide, they aired that tirade of expletives. You could clearly hear the Broncos coach holler "All we're trying to do is win a motherf'n game!".

I was sitting there watching the game and the moment I heard it, I turned my head sharply to the screen. I hit the rewind on the DVR to confirm the error and I was right. I mean, I've done live production stuff on many occasions and you've got a control room full of folks watching every single clip. Seems impossible not to miss if you ask me. Especially since it wasn't aired live. Someone should have caught it. They all need to be fired. Yeah, the network sent a press release apologizing for the error, but that's to be expected. If nothing else, FCC President Robert McDowell needs to drop a heavy fine on Steve Bornstein's NFL Network like Roger Goodell has been hammering coaches, players & owners.

But don't be mistaken, I laughed that night and have been laughing ever since. It was pure hilarity!!!! I even decided to make an animated GIF from the clip so I could watch him curse in slow motion, over and over and over again. LOL!!!

Peace & Love...

G. Mo


Youth Sports

Youth sports are a lot of fun.

Kids really enjoy playing.

Sometimes it's the ADULTS who get in the way.

Case in point, as many of you know...I am an assistant coach for my son Kameron's 6 and under football team. This season was his 2nd season playing football and my first as a coach. We had a great season. The kids learned a lot and I really enjoyed being around them. We finished our regular season with a 9-1 record. Not only was it a great season but I watched Kameron become a good football player. He started at offensive guard and defensive guard. He also was the backup quarterback. More importantly, I enjoyed being involved with the game of football. I enjoyed being a positive role model to the kids on our team.

Unfortunately, we had some bumps in the road. We had a game during the season vs Rock Chapel. They were just as talented as we were. The game was close throughout. We won 12-6. During the game, some parents were disgruntled that their child didn't play during the game. In our league, we are encouraged to play every child at least ONE play. Every game, most of the kids...even the ones with lesser skill sets...would play at least 4 plays in every game. Not this game, tho. As a staff, we just couldn't afford to play everybody. One parent made a comment about it after the game. She was mad because her son didn't play. When the comment was brought to me. I kindly reminded the person who told me what she said that her son did not come to practice for 2 days that week. We only practice 3 times a week. You can't miss 2 days of practice and expect to play.

We made it to the city championship game with a 9-1 record. We had to play the team from Ben Hill. They beat us during the regular season 27-0. I knew that we could play better if we faced them again. And this was our opportunity to redeem that loss. We played better...but we lost again. This time we lost 34-12. The game was closer than the score indicated. I was proud of our kids because they didn't quit. Ben Hill scored on their first play from scrimmage but we kept fighting. I think we could have beaten them if we played our "A" game. We didn't. Even in defeat, I was happy for them. However, I wasn't happy with our "team mom". She was on the sidelines with our team for the duration of the game. Her son also plays on our team. As the clock was winding down, she starts yelling (to no one in particular) about how we should have won the game. She questioned the plays that were called. She even accused our coaching staff of listening to "other coaches". She acted like a 4 yr old kid! Are you kidding me? You're gonna act like this in front of YOUR child and the rest of these kids? C'mon son! Get it together.

I rounded up the kids who were on the sidelines and I reminded them that they were all winners. We had won our division. Our team won a trophy and each kid won a medal. I reminded them that we'd be back next year. And I believe that we'll be back next year.

Hopefully, we won't have those childish adults with us.


What in the basketball hell?!

I saw this mess for the first time Monday morning and I have to say I'm still not over it. I just don't understand how this fool has no supervision.

Oooooohh Devin...I see yo booty!

I missed this live because I was flipping back and forth to the American Music Awards but when I heard Devin Hester was literally ass'd out in the game Sunday night, I had to post it. Go Devin...lol


Dear Panthers, I quit you.

This relationship has become too much for me to handle. *sniffling* I simply don't trust you anymore.
Every week, I tune into the game with the best of intentions. I sit there with my chips and Kool-Aid waiting for kick off. It always starts well. Then before I know it, it's the second half and you turn into a Pop Warner team - a bad one. I'm always so happy until the middle of the third quarter. That's when the tears start.
I can't keep going to work every Monday with puffy eyes telling my co-workers I "fell." Something tells me they've stopped believing me. I just don't see where we went wrong.
We've been together since '97. That's a long time. We've been through so much together: making the playoffs our inaugural year. The NFC Championship. The Super Bowl the same year as NippleGate. Those were fun times.
But just as there have been good times, there have been horrible ones too. The 4-12 season in the Dom Capers era. Rae Carruth's terrible game of Hide n' Seek. Losing Fred Lane to a crazy ass wife. And now, Jake "Mr. Bojangles" Delhomme's pick throwing ass and John Fox's unwillingness to bench him.
At the moment, we are currently 4-6. Delhomme has thrown 14 interceptions. Explain to me how we have a Pro Bowl wide receiver in Steve Smith and two Pro Bowl-worthy running backs in D'Angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, yet, we are still 4-6.
I can't handle this abuse anymore. Every time I threaten to walk away, you always straighten up and win a game or two. And as soon as I get comfortable, something goes awry. I mean, what can I do better? Am I not cheering loud enough? Could I have said something?
This just isn't working for me anymore. Until we can get some consistency, bench Delhomme and get rid of Foxy, I'm afraid we're done. I'm tapping out for the season. I still love you, but I can't be with you anymore. I'm drained - emotionally. I'm gonna get some help. You should too. For next season, I mean. In the form of Michael Vick.
I think he (and a new offensive coordinator) could really revamp the team. But right now, we need a break. This isn't goodbye. It's just, so long. You know, for the season. It just might be really awkward if I hang around this year, y'know, since my heart's not in it. Tell the guys it's not their fault. Well, not all of 'em. I put the blame square on Mr. Bojangles and the offensive line for not protecting him better.
We'll see each other again - soon. I mean, next year's not too far away. In the mean time, you might hear something about me cheering for the Colts. Don't listen to that. It's just a rumor. You know how people "talk." I don't really love them. But I don't like you very much right now and I need a way to spend my Sundays. They seem to have room on the bandwagon and I plan to ride it all the way to the Big Game.
Don't feel bad, I simply can't watch you anymore this season. I hope you understand. I wish you well.



Cowboys game ustream

Ok, OK... I've been slacking but better late than never right. 2 Sundays ago I had a group of people over at the crib for the night game because my Cowboys were playing. I cooked mexican and we had a fiesta while watching the game. I got this crazy idea to ustream the entire thing. So if you ever get bored and have some time to waste check it out. FYI- There is a lot of me yelling at the TV so you might want to turn your sound down...lol. Oh and skip past the first 15min... we were just setting things up and trying to figure it out so that part is pretty boring. Make sure you follow the ustream too (www.ustream.com/Eb_the_Celeb) I plan on doing it a lot more often.


Introducing The Dominican Winter Baseball League

You puny Americans!

There you are, sitting around going nuts because April can't get here soon enough. Meanwhile, I'm over here enjoying the Dominican Winter Baseball Leagues, trying to decide which team I want to root for!

The Dominican Winter Baseball League is one of four that participates in the Caribbean Series along with Mexico, Venezuela and Puerto Rico (Cuba & Panama used to be down, but Cuba's league disbanded[thanks a lot, Castro!] and Panama shut down shop in 1972). One guess as to which country has the most championships under their belts... mhmm... don't hate! Since 1971 the championship has come home to DR 17 out of 35 times. OWWWWW!

The series itself began as a way to garner more interest in the winter teams after the American MLB began to recruit and snatch up the best Caribbean players. You can all thank Oscar Prieto and Pablo Morales for this cold weather escape from American basketball and football blues, and while you're at it, thank god that you know me and that I came over here to tell you about the leagues!

But ok, back to the Dominican teams... there are six: Las Águilas Cibaeñas, Las Estrellas Orientales, Los Gigantes del Cibao, Los Leones del Escogido, Los Tigres de Licey and Los Toros (formerly Los Azucareros) del Este Get to know those names, because from here on out, until spring training starts up and The Amazin' Mets come back into my life or one of my kids tak up a sport, this is what will be consuming my life.

You've been warned.


In Case You Missed It... D. Wade dunking on Varejao

I heart Dwyane Wade and I love him even more when he's extra hype during a game. This was passion at its finest and him stepping over Anderson Varejao after dunking on him was icing on the cake. Peep the vid.


Eb's BYE WEEK Picks : WEEK 9

The last week of normal football scheduling since in week 10 this dumb football on Thursday nights mess starts. This crap annoys the hell out of me not being able to see some of these games. I have Time Warner and the NFL's ego is too big to work out a freakin' deal with them without robbing them so I have no access to the NFL network. I wouldn't dare switch to DirecTV in NYC where as soon as it looks like its going to rain your service goes out so you still wouldn't be able to watch the game.

Anyway, let's get on with the picks for this 2nd to last week of Bye teams.

Bye Week Teams: Buffalo, Cleveland, Oakland, St. Louis, Minnesota, NY Jets

Washington at Atlanta
The Falcons really fought last week and showed they are a great team. They are going to rip the deadskins apart with ease. Eb picks Atlanta.

Arizona at Chicago
Both teams are unpredictable. Both have lost games they should have won. Arizona has the more reliable offense since you have no idea what you're going to get from Jay Cutler from week to week but I think the Bears have a chip on their should and are going to come out dominating early. Eb picks Chicago.

Baltimore at Cincinnati
The Ravens have been winning the games that no one expects them to and the Bengals 2 losses have both been at home games. Eb picks Baltimore.

Houston at Indianapolis
The Colts will still be undefeated after this game. Eb picks Indianapolis.

Miami at New England
New England hasn't lost a game at home all season and a team like Miami isn't going to come up there and get out with a W. Eb picks New England.

Green Bay at Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay has yet to win a game and today wont be the day either. Poor Green Bay wasn't able to get revenge on Brett Favre but they definitely aren't going to let a team that has yet to win a game make them look bad. Eb picks Green Bay.

Kansas City at Jacksonville
This is that game of the week that no one cares about. I'm really eeny meeny miny mo'ing it here. Eb picks Jacsonville.

Carolina at New Orleans
The Saints are the other team that will still be undefeated after week 9. Eb picks New Orleans

Detroit at Seattle
Here goes the other game of the week that no one cares about. Does it even matter who I pick in this one. Both teams suck... I don't even want to pick. Its a toss up. Eb picks Seattle.

Tennessee at San Francisco
There is nothing good to say about the Titans. They have switched things around and still nothing is working for them. Eb picks San Francisco.

San Diego at NY Giants
Do you understand how bad I wish the Giants would get their 4th loss in a row to the Chargers. I really want to pick that but I don't think its going to happen. Eb picks NY.

Dallas at Philadelphia
This is the game of the week. The battle for that #1 spot in the NFC East. My Cowboys are going to end up on top! Eb picks Dallas!

Pittsburgh at Denver
The MNF schedule has really been good this year and this should be another great game. I don't believe the Steelers and The Broncos have really worked out all their problems and have been surprising some folks. Eb picks Denver.


Yankees Won...

Dear Rollins,

Didn't I hear somewhere that you called the world series as: The Phillies in 5? Riiiiiiiiiight. And how's that working out for you? SUCKA!



Dear Matsui,

Congrats on the MVP win... SO GLAD it wasn't A-Rod.



Dear A-Rod,

It pains me that you get a ring, but, UGH, I guess you played well and all that. SHUT UP.



Dear Jeter,

This win couldn't have happened to a nicer brother-in-law. You really are one of the best sportsmen in the game. Oh, and you're in charge of bringing the wine for Thanksgiving.



Fail to the Redskins!!!


It's a great day in the District. As a Cowboys fan born & raised in the city, there's nothing more I enjoy than celebrating the misery known as the Washington Redskins. I listen to local sports radio. I watch the local Comcast Sportsnet channel and whatever else that allows me the pleasure of hearing the local fans whine and moan. Yeah, I know the Cowboys haven't won a playoffs game since Pac & Dre did California Love, but whatever. I'm sippin' Red Kool-Aid enjoying this train wreck of a team. To add insult to injury I figured I'd go over to ExtremeSkins which is the forum for Redskins fans. Based upon the Motivational... scratch that, Demotivational Posters they created, I'm guessing they're a lil' bit upset. LOL!!! I couldn't let this archive just remain over there. Thus I've taken the liberty of posting a 'few' of my favorites along. I figured that since I'm kicking 'the man' while he's down, I might as play with my animation software and throw in some GIFS from their last game vs the Eagles on Monday Night. Classic material I must say. Enjoy....












Peace & Love...

G. Mo