Eb's BYE WEEK Picks : WEEK 8

4th Bye Week so only 2 week of my picks left. Remember since I started late with my picks list year I'm only doing bye weeks and play-offs. I know you'll miss them but remember it will only be for a couple weeks and then when the play-offs come around we'll do a big contest here on the blog. So get ready.

Another 6 teams are out this week and there's no night game. What the heck am I going to do on Sunday night if there isn't any football on?

Bye Week Teams : Cincinnati, Kansas City, New England, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington

Houston at Buffalo
The Bills are finally starting to get some production from Lee Evans but they are so inconsistent, how can you trust them. Well I don't! But I don't trust the Texans either. Eb picks Buffalo.

Cleveland at Chicago
The Bears haven't looked the best but this should still be an easy one for them. Eb picks Chicago.

Seattle at Dallas
Everyone is healthy, Tony Romo has been on his mark, and our defense has really started to show up. I can't see my team losing to the Seahawks and I'm hoping I wont. Eb picks Dallas.

St. Louis at Detroit
This week's game that no one cares about it right here. The best chance the Rams are going to have all season to get a win but they probably wont. Eb picks Detroit.

Denver at Baltimore
Could the Ravens defense be the factor needed to go up against Denver's offense to end their undefeated season? The Ravens defense isn't the force they used to be. The Broncos should be able to make it out of this one 8-0. Eb picks Denver.

San Francisco at Indianapolis
Another undefeated team in the Colts that should have no problem making it to 8-0 today. Eb picks Indianapolis

Miami at NY Jets
Miami has had a pretty good running game with Ricky Williams and with Kris Jenkins officially on IR it might make room for them to run all over the Jets. I feel the Jets offense will be able to keep up though. I high scoring game where the Jets get them by a couple. Eb picks NYJ.

NY Giants at Philadelphia
The Giants can't possibly lose 3 games in a row could they? Nooooooo, they couldn't right? Even though I secretly hope they do, I don't think it will happen. Eb picks NYG.

Jacksonville at Tennessee
Tennessee still have yet to win a game and rumor has it that Vince Young is going to start. I've watched the couple of times they've put him in this season and that is definitely not going to fix any of the problems they have. Eb picks Jacksonville.

Oakland at San Diego
The battle of the teams with a million problems. Jamarcus got benched and the Raiders a slightly more dysfunctional than the Chargers. Eb picks San Diego

Carolina at Arizona
The Panthers look terrible on every aspect of the ball. So much talent and yet everything seems to fall apart when they are all on the field together. Even though the Cardinals have a couple banged up receivers, Kurt Warner has been making major plays no matter whose out there to throw to. Eb picks Arizona.

Minnesota at Green Bay
This is going to be the game of the day. I can't believe its time for them to play again already. First time Brett Favre and the Vikings put the smackdown on his old franchise. This time they are in Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is coming for blood. Eb picks Green Bay solely because they are at home. I can't wait to watch this game.

Atlanta at New Orleans
The Saints are the last of the 3 teams still undefeated so far this season. I think Atlanta has a good chance of beating them. The game is definitely going to be close but Drew Brees can make a play out of no play and that is what's going to give them the edge. Eb picks New Orleans.


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