Eb's BYE WEEK Picks : WEEK 9

The last week of normal football scheduling since in week 10 this dumb football on Thursday nights mess starts. This crap annoys the hell out of me not being able to see some of these games. I have Time Warner and the NFL's ego is too big to work out a freakin' deal with them without robbing them so I have no access to the NFL network. I wouldn't dare switch to DirecTV in NYC where as soon as it looks like its going to rain your service goes out so you still wouldn't be able to watch the game.

Anyway, let's get on with the picks for this 2nd to last week of Bye teams.

Bye Week Teams: Buffalo, Cleveland, Oakland, St. Louis, Minnesota, NY Jets

Washington at Atlanta
The Falcons really fought last week and showed they are a great team. They are going to rip the deadskins apart with ease. Eb picks Atlanta.

Arizona at Chicago
Both teams are unpredictable. Both have lost games they should have won. Arizona has the more reliable offense since you have no idea what you're going to get from Jay Cutler from week to week but I think the Bears have a chip on their should and are going to come out dominating early. Eb picks Chicago.

Baltimore at Cincinnati
The Ravens have been winning the games that no one expects them to and the Bengals 2 losses have both been at home games. Eb picks Baltimore.

Houston at Indianapolis
The Colts will still be undefeated after this game. Eb picks Indianapolis.

Miami at New England
New England hasn't lost a game at home all season and a team like Miami isn't going to come up there and get out with a W. Eb picks New England.

Green Bay at Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay has yet to win a game and today wont be the day either. Poor Green Bay wasn't able to get revenge on Brett Favre but they definitely aren't going to let a team that has yet to win a game make them look bad. Eb picks Green Bay.

Kansas City at Jacksonville
This is that game of the week that no one cares about. I'm really eeny meeny miny mo'ing it here. Eb picks Jacsonville.

Carolina at New Orleans
The Saints are the other team that will still be undefeated after week 9. Eb picks New Orleans

Detroit at Seattle
Here goes the other game of the week that no one cares about. Does it even matter who I pick in this one. Both teams suck... I don't even want to pick. Its a toss up. Eb picks Seattle.

Tennessee at San Francisco
There is nothing good to say about the Titans. They have switched things around and still nothing is working for them. Eb picks San Francisco.

San Diego at NY Giants
Do you understand how bad I wish the Giants would get their 4th loss in a row to the Chargers. I really want to pick that but I don't think its going to happen. Eb picks NY.

Dallas at Philadelphia
This is the game of the week. The battle for that #1 spot in the NFC East. My Cowboys are going to end up on top! Eb picks Dallas!

Pittsburgh at Denver
The MNF schedule has really been good this year and this should be another great game. I don't believe the Steelers and The Broncos have really worked out all their problems and have been surprising some folks. Eb picks Denver.


clnmike said...

Im going to ask you nicely not to pick the Giants anymore, I believe your jinxing my team for real.

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