Youth Sports

Youth sports are a lot of fun.

Kids really enjoy playing.

Sometimes it's the ADULTS who get in the way.

Case in point, as many of you know...I am an assistant coach for my son Kameron's 6 and under football team. This season was his 2nd season playing football and my first as a coach. We had a great season. The kids learned a lot and I really enjoyed being around them. We finished our regular season with a 9-1 record. Not only was it a great season but I watched Kameron become a good football player. He started at offensive guard and defensive guard. He also was the backup quarterback. More importantly, I enjoyed being involved with the game of football. I enjoyed being a positive role model to the kids on our team.

Unfortunately, we had some bumps in the road. We had a game during the season vs Rock Chapel. They were just as talented as we were. The game was close throughout. We won 12-6. During the game, some parents were disgruntled that their child didn't play during the game. In our league, we are encouraged to play every child at least ONE play. Every game, most of the kids...even the ones with lesser skill sets...would play at least 4 plays in every game. Not this game, tho. As a staff, we just couldn't afford to play everybody. One parent made a comment about it after the game. She was mad because her son didn't play. When the comment was brought to me. I kindly reminded the person who told me what she said that her son did not come to practice for 2 days that week. We only practice 3 times a week. You can't miss 2 days of practice and expect to play.

We made it to the city championship game with a 9-1 record. We had to play the team from Ben Hill. They beat us during the regular season 27-0. I knew that we could play better if we faced them again. And this was our opportunity to redeem that loss. We played better...but we lost again. This time we lost 34-12. The game was closer than the score indicated. I was proud of our kids because they didn't quit. Ben Hill scored on their first play from scrimmage but we kept fighting. I think we could have beaten them if we played our "A" game. We didn't. Even in defeat, I was happy for them. However, I wasn't happy with our "team mom". She was on the sidelines with our team for the duration of the game. Her son also plays on our team. As the clock was winding down, she starts yelling (to no one in particular) about how we should have won the game. She questioned the plays that were called. She even accused our coaching staff of listening to "other coaches". She acted like a 4 yr old kid! Are you kidding me? You're gonna act like this in front of YOUR child and the rest of these kids? C'mon son! Get it together.

I rounded up the kids who were on the sidelines and I reminded them that they were all winners. We had won our division. Our team won a trophy and each kid won a medal. I reminded them that we'd be back next year. And I believe that we'll be back next year.

Hopefully, we won't have those childish adults with us.


The NFL Chick said...

As a former team mom myself, I enjoyed this article. You definitely have to remind kids and parents that if they miss majority of the practices then allowing them to play not only shows that you don't have follow the rules, but could also be a health risk on the field (child doesn't know their assignment).

However if the other kids practice, they definitely should get their minimum plays, no matter what. Some coaches worry about winning so much that they lose sight that a parent is waiting for their son to play.

Good stuff

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