Introducing The Dominican Winter Baseball League

You puny Americans!

There you are, sitting around going nuts because April can't get here soon enough. Meanwhile, I'm over here enjoying the Dominican Winter Baseball Leagues, trying to decide which team I want to root for!

The Dominican Winter Baseball League is one of four that participates in the Caribbean Series along with Mexico, Venezuela and Puerto Rico (Cuba & Panama used to be down, but Cuba's league disbanded[thanks a lot, Castro!] and Panama shut down shop in 1972). One guess as to which country has the most championships under their belts... mhmm... don't hate! Since 1971 the championship has come home to DR 17 out of 35 times. OWWWWW!

The series itself began as a way to garner more interest in the winter teams after the American MLB began to recruit and snatch up the best Caribbean players. You can all thank Oscar Prieto and Pablo Morales for this cold weather escape from American basketball and football blues, and while you're at it, thank god that you know me and that I came over here to tell you about the leagues!

But ok, back to the Dominican teams... there are six: Las Águilas Cibaeñas, Las Estrellas Orientales, Los Gigantes del Cibao, Los Leones del Escogido, Los Tigres de Licey and Los Toros (formerly Los Azucareros) del Este Get to know those names, because from here on out, until spring training starts up and The Amazin' Mets come back into my life or one of my kids tak up a sport, this is what will be consuming my life.

You've been warned.


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