In Case You Missed It...Erykah Badu at the NBA All-Star Saturday Night

I missed everything that is All-Star...I was out at a concert. I heard I didn't miss much though. Heard the dunk contest will make the records books for being one of the worst. It seems the only good thing people had to say was Eryakh performing "You've Got A Friend." Check it out!!!


Miles Austin in the Gatorade Science Lab

I was both proud of and jealous of my homie Boss Lady of Dr. Jay's for getting the opportunity to go to Super Bowl on Gatorade's dime to have a field day with a whole bunch of NFL athletes, especially the fact that she got to sit down with one of my favorite Dallas Cowboys, Miles Austin. In this clip Boss Lady gets the lowdown on his fashion and what he likes to see a woman in. As well as what he's going to be doing this off-season. Check it out!


Caption this pic from Super Bowl XLIV


By now we're all aware that the New Orleans Saints were victorious over the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV 31-17. We've seen images of Drew Brees with his son Baylen, Reggie Bush with his showpiece Kimmy K, Saint Colts Sean Payton fist pumping the Lombardi trophy and others. But in the onslaught of media images from the epic event, one failed to show up on ESPN, Fox Sports & other sports websites. Somehow lost in the shuffle is this image of Colts P Pat McAfee and K Matt Stover celebrating a made FG in the first quarter. Looming in the background of this exciting embrace is Saints CB Randall Gay. The picture really captions itself to be honest. Now before you go on a tirade, I'm not implying that any of the NFL players in the image are homosexual. But it makes for a real funny picture as I'm sure you can agree.

Peace & Love..

G. Mo

Caribbean Series Championship Comes Back HOME To DR!

First, let me apologize to any of you who were looking forward to my updates on the Winter Baseball League, which I promised you and never delivered on...my bad! You see, what had happened was...I must confess to not owning a TV; I watch everything via the internet. And well, it's really hard to find baseball games from Latin and South America streaming online unless it's a big match-up. Like the Caribbean Series for example, which I did watch like a big old nerd girl.

Let me not keep you in suspense- the Dominican Republic kicked major Caribbean ASS, you hear me? Los Leones del Escogido went in there and dominated for the entire series, winning with a 5-1 record (damn you, Puerto Rico!!) and whooping their Venezuelan hosts twice during the series to get the big prize.

In second place, not that anybody cares, is Puerto Rico. They put up a good fight, a valiant effort, if you will, seeing as they started the series dead last. Los Indios de Mayag├╝ez almost forced a tie-breaker with DR, but in the end the mighty peloteros of Santo Domingo showed them what's what. That team has a history of strong (and sex-AY) ball players so really, those Indios had their work cut out for them. Mexico came in 3d and poor, poor Venezuela? Yeah, they were dead last with a record of 1-5. OUCH. Did I mention they were hosting?

One of the highlights of the series was watching Mets prospect Fernando Martinez win MVP of the Caribbean Series. This Dominicano is desperate for another chance at the big leagues, but with Minaya and company bringing in Gary Matthews, Jr. to cover for the always-ailing Carlos Beltran, Martinez's 2010 season might begin in Triple-A instead.

His powerful performance during the Caribbean Series (he hit .348 with four RBI and two home runs in six tournament games) gives Fernandez hope that the Mets will put him on the opening day roster this spring. He told MLB.COM reporters, "I know I'm a big league player, and I can perform at a high level. It's in my hands, so I have to keep working hard and maybe earn a spot."

I will definitely be watching out for this hard-hitting pelotero; here's hoping the Mets don't let him slip away!

So here's a huge Brugal y Presidente toast to my Dominicanos: Felicidades!!! Now, how can I get an exclusive interview with Julio Manon? Anyone? Please?

I like me some him!!!

Reggie Bush says Milk does his body good!

A lil something for the ladies! The Super Bowl champ (by the way I called the Saints winning and am sooo Happy for them) recently became the next athlete to show a lil skin and their milk mustache for the Body By Milk campagin. Check out the behind the scenes footage.


The Michael Vick Project - Episode 1

"The money made it difficult for me to listen to people...at the end of the day, it was all about me."

"I'm thinking I can get myself out of this situation. Money will get me out of this situation. Just pay my lawyers off,  pay the right lawyers and hopefully they'll know somebody who knows somebody who can make this thing go away."

I'm glad Michael Vick decided to do this project. He's very candid, open, and honest about everything. In case you missed the first episode last night check it out!