The Michael Vick Project - Episode 1

"The money made it difficult for me to listen to people...at the end of the day, it was all about me."

"I'm thinking I can get myself out of this situation. Money will get me out of this situation. Just pay my lawyers off,  pay the right lawyers and hopefully they'll know somebody who knows somebody who can make this thing go away."

I'm glad Michael Vick decided to do this project. He's very candid, open, and honest about everything. In case you missed the first episode last night check it out!

I look forward to the additional episodes and hoping after its over everyone will finally let the be the new man that he is now and we can all put this behind us. He seems extremely genuine and remorseful and everyone deserves a second chance. Glad this past season has showed that he's on his way to getting one. It was also good to see Michael Vick's brother in a different light because we all know he's had his fair share of encounters with law enforcement in the past as well.


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