Johan Is Ready, Are You?

These days I've been deleting any and all emails I receive from Mets.com. You could say I'm more than a tad bit bitter about the 2009 season, I don't care.

But this morning an email from them contained the magic words that made me jump off the couch and log onto my computer: "Greetings From Johan Santana..." YESSSSSSSSS!!

The email included a video link with a message from my beloved from Port St. Lucie, Florida, where the team has their mini-camp. (click on the link to see how much my boo bear's English has improved!)

And then on the commute into work, I see a great action shot of Santana on the back of the Post. Have I died and gone to heaven? Could it be true? His injuries will not keep him from shittin on hos during the 2010 season?

On September 1st, Johan underwent surgery on his elbow- to remove some goddamn BONE CHIPS (WTF?)- and I know I was not alone in my fears that he would be out for a lot of the 2010 games if not the whole season. Whenever these players go under the knife, especially so late in the season, you just never know what's going to come of it.

But after throwing 24 pitches on the mound at the mini-camp without incident, Santana declared himself ready for spring training. "The ball was coming out pretty good," he stated in the Post article. "I don't feel anything in my arm, so I think everything should be alright."

Can it be? Will it be? I want a championship win for the Mets and Santana and myself so bad I can TASTE IT. This news has been the first light at the end of the dreary, gloomy Mets Fan Tunnel that I've seen in months.

Is it really OK to put on my Optimism Cap and exhale now?


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