Chad OchoCinco "Dat Ain't My Baby" LIVE

Nothing this fool does surprises me anymore so I wasn't even entertained all. Although this video does pose several questions. Why was he holding a guitar if he doesn't know how to play, and how can you be so sure "dat ain't yo baby" because he has quite a few by several different women. I mean I ain't one to gossip but I'm just saying. Either way he's releasing an album. What else is new when it comes to athletes these days, but from the sounds of it the album will be for comedic purposes only. It will be titled Chile Please so I'm hoping he doesn't expect anyone to take him seriously. Kinda like when Dave Chappelle recorded "Pee on you." So I look forward to getting a good laugh at whatever else he has up his sleeve. Check the video of his first single live:


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