And the winner ...

... of the "No Shit Sherlock Award" of the year goes to *drum roll* Mark McGwire.
Seriously, when you saw the footage of his interview, did anyone say "OMG, I can't believe it!" I'll answer that, hell no, you didn't.
I'm really, the dude kept telling the same lie for more than a decade that he wasn't taking steroids. I'm not saying we believed it, but he told the same lie. That's how you're supposed to lie. You tell a lie until YOU believe it!
When dude said he wasn't on anything, baseball fans all over the world collectively turned their heads and hit McGwire with a "C'mon, Son." Just look at the pictures over the years.
Here, you see McGwire with Jose Canseco who admitted in his book, "Juiced" that he introduced ol' boy to the juice and even injected him with it. Now, if you look at them both now, it's obvious these dudes were on something besides carbs and weightlifting.
Granted when you're younger, your metabolism is faster and it is easier for you to keep your weight down. When you get older and particularly playing a game as slow as baseball, one can expect to gain a bit of weight. They may even beef up. But you don't expect them to gain their own body weight in muscle.
McGwire went from being a skinny kid to having a tree stump or a neck. Dude straight looks like if you would decapitate him, you could count the rings to determine his age.
Now there's this huge outrage because he finally came clean. McGwire coming clean about steroid use is like Rosie O'Donnell coming out of the closet. We knew, we just didn't want to talk about it because nobody gave a crap. Nobody still does. If you notice the newscasters, they are straight glossing over the story.
"In sports today, Mark McGwire is FINALLY coming clean about his steroid use ..."
*smh* Not that your big scary ass was ever in danger of going to Cooperstown, this will ensure that your ass ain't even welcome there. I don't care that he used "performance enhancing drugs," I'm pissed that he tried to insult my intelligence.
Hell, performance enhancing drugs should be the cornerstone of any professional sport. I said this last year. I'll be damned if I spend my hard earned money to see you play a mediocre game. I can go to the nearest high school and watch that.
You'd better be trying to enhance your performance, hell, for $47.50, you'd better show me some shit I ain't never seen before. I wanna see you hit a grand slam every time you step up to the plate. Dammit, I wanna see you make a triple play by your damn self! Something!

He's sorry ...


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