Pay to play

(re-post 2008)

The NCAA is a bunch of pimps.

Yeah, I said it. And I'll say it again.

They are pimps.

College football kicks off its season next week. The season runs from September through January. Then, we have the NCAA Basketball Tournament in March. Millions of people across the country gamble and participate in office pools. People try to come away with the earnings by being the person who can correctly guess the most teams that will be left standing at the end of the tournament. The NCAA doesn't "encourage" gambling. They probably don't encourage it because they can't pimp that.

The Division I Men's Basketball tournament is the only NCAA championship tournament (officially, the BCS Football Championship is not an NCAA event) where the NCAA does not keep the profits. Instead, the money from the multi-billion-dollar television contract is divided among the Division I basketball playing schools and conferences as follows:
1/6 of the money goes directly to the schools based on how many sports they play (one "share" for each sport starting with 14, which is the minimum needed for Division I membership).

1/3 of the money goes directly to the schools based on how many scholarships they give out (one share for each of the first 50, two for each of the next 50, ten for each of the next 50, and 20 for each scholarship above 150).

1/2 of the money goes to the conferences based on how well they did in the six previous men's basketball tournaments (counting each year separately, one share for each team getting in, and one share for each win except in the Play-in game and the Final Four). In 2007, based on the 2001 through 2006 tournaments, the Big East Conference received over $14.85 million, while the eight conferences that did not win a first-round game in those six years received slightly more than $1 million each.

As for football, schools can make $15 million to go to a BCS bowl game. There are nearly 115 Division 1 Schools. And nearly another 65 Division 1-AA schools. Every school, even the ones that don't play in bowl games have enough money to fund scholarships and facilities. That said...as you can see...there's a LOT of money in college athletics. Everybody is making money. The conferences, the schools, the coaches, etc. Everybody is making money...except the athletes. According to the NCAA (aka pimps), no "student-athlete" is to be compensated for playing in amateur collegiate athletics. So the student-athlete (more on that word later) is the one who gets the short end of the stick. Some say that student athletes are being compensated because their tuition is being paid for . That is their pay.

I say BS! Pay em! Athletes should be paid. How much? That would be determined on their sport. But they should be paid. The NCAA and everybody else is getting a piece of the pie except the athletes. That's like me going into the woods to find food. I find food, kill it, and bringing it back to be eaten by all but I don't get to eat.That word student athlete is one of the biggest misconceptions in the world. Especially when you consider that most athletes train year around. They can't work and be paid during their "off-season". You are an athletic student. Most coaches aren't worried about you getting your education...they are merely worried about you remaining eligible to compete in your sport. That's it. As long as the athlete is eligible to play and compete, the better the chances are that they'll team will be successful and playing for a championship. Its the pimp game at its finest. The athletes do most of the work but everybody else reaps the benefits.As some of you may know, I played college football for 4 yrs. I played at South Carolina State University...a historically black college in Orangeburg, SC. We won a black college national championship when I was playing. Even my school has benefited financially off the success that we had. I'm not some old washed up bitter athlete. I'm just calling it the way that I see it. I think that athletes SHOULD be paid to play. BOTTOM LINE! As you can see, there is a lotta money floating around but the kids should get some money. If you're gonna pimp me, the least that you can do would be to compensate me for a job well done.

Punishment for "leakers"

As of last night, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that federal agents were wrong for seizing the infamous drug list and samples of the 104 Major League Baseball players who allegedly tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003.

The list in question had the names of Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, and Sammy Sosa to name a few. This we know. However with this ruling, it's being said the warrant served by the government was only to obtain the records of the 10 players who were connected with the BALCO scandal which implicated Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Jason Giambi, and Bill Romanowski just to name a few.

A-Rod, Big Papi, Manny, and Sammy are guilty bystanders whose records were "leaked" by officials to the press and shouldn't have been tampered with in the first place.

Knowing this leads me to ask a few questions:

A. How do we punish the government for overstepping its bounds and what kind should they receive for illegal tampering?
2. Should the above bystanders seek retribution for having their business leaked out over the newswire?
F. Is there enough punishment in society for the damage done to these players' reputation?

We know A-Rod and Co. weren't named in the Mitchell Report so the finger pointing should have stopped there but it didn't and names are still trickling from the fallout of the BALCO Scandal.

We also know the PEDs scandal won't end but the 9th court may have ceased it with this ruing.

Last Question: If another name comes out or is "leaked", does it have to be a huge, larger-than-life name in order for us to be interested?


What Can I Say About The 2009 Mets?

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. For weeks I had notes on what I wanted to say about this MLB season but I was waiting, hoping things would turn around. They still might... but listen, I'm a realist so lets get real, OKAY?

The Mets are currently in 4th place; as of this posting their season stats are an atrocious 57-68. While watching the game vs. Atlanta at a bar on Wednesday (which by the way really killed my spirit- really, though? You're just gonna up and let the Braves score nine runs in the first two innings? Why even bother showing up if that's how you're gonna play...) some buttlicker was all, "But they're in the top five at least." EXCUSE ME? Does top five get a freaking parade in the fall? I think not so shut your damn trap!

I was really excited for this season of baseball, I really was. I figured they had a pretty good starting line-up that was used to playing together and had found their rhythm. Then I got a peek at the list of injured players... and it was chock full of the starting line-up: Reyes, Beltran, Delgado; recent additions include Putz, Fernandez, Wright and even my beloved Santana who's having elbow trouble and may need surgery. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

I know what you're thinking- there are other players on the team and it shouldn't rest on the shoulders of these few men to win a ball game. Whatever... if you were just thinking that you can SUCK IT. Just like everyone knew that Beyonce WAS Destiny's Child, it is a well-known fact that Reyes, Beltran, Delgado, Wright & Santana ARE the Mets. We cannot do it without them, we just CANNOT!

And you know who I blame, right? Minaya- my arch nemesis! If he'd had a better coaching staff to train the 2nd string losers that are COSTING US THE SEASON AND SULLYING THE INAUGURAL YEAR AT CITIFIELD, we'd have a better record right now instead of being 16.5 games behind first place.

I mean HONESTLY! How do you come back from that hot ghetto mess without your core players?

MetsWatch '09: W57-L68-GB16.5
Next game: 8/25/09 VS. FL @ Land Shark Stadium, Nelson Figueroa (in for Santana) (#27, 1-2 for the season) pitching


More than a Game (Trailer)

Every player has a story. This new documentary highlights the 7 year journey that took Lebron James from playing in an inner city gym to winning a national high school championship. It includes interviews, rare news clips, and exclusive home videos. Check out the trailer.

In theaters October 2nd.


She is NOT a boy, Damon!

OK, well, they don't know if she's a boy, but they've got a test to find out. *screeching tires* Lemme back up. Earlier today, I saw this story posted on a friend's Facebook wall.
Monday, at the World Athletics Championships, South African 800 m runner Caster Semenya blew by her competition to claim the gold. She beat the second place contestant by 2.45 seconds. To say the absolute least, home girl was running her ass off!
So, three weeks ago, the international federation that regulates the world championships launched a campaign to verify that the 18-year-old Semenya was in fact born a woman. Since her reportedly awesome showing at the African junior championships, her times have increased dramatically, they've recognized her muscular build and she has a deep voice. All of these things combined got folks to thinking that she, like Money Mike in Friday After Next, "is a boy Damon!"
Looking at the picture, I will admit, the chick is extra butch. I mean extra butch. She doesn't have any hips, she appears to be all muscle and has virtually NO rack. Like none. At all. But my answer to that is she's is she JUST turned 18 on July 1 (my new niece's birthday). A lot of chicks have awkward bodies until after they're grown.
Annnnnd, she's a runner. A distance runner. She's supposed to be rail thin without any fat on her. And yes, hips and breasts (and thighs and asses while we're at it) is fat. That's right guys, the more we have of that stuff you love, the more fat we have! Muahahahahahaha!!!
OK, OK, I digress. But seriously, those of us who have had experience in track and field know that you can just about look at people's body type and determine the event(s) they participated in.
For example, our very own Eb the Celeb was a sprinter. She has a sprinter's body. She's above average height, thin and she just looks like she can smoke a mofo in the 100 and 200. Me on the other hand, short, extra thick, ya'll know my ass ain't running NOWHERE unless I'm being chased by something that's threatening to take a chunk outta my ass! Clearly, obviously, I threw shot and discus.
Distance runners are long and very lean. They run for endurance, not speed. Look at all those marathon runners from Kenya and South Africa, they all look hungry - as hell. She looks hungry - as hell. I said all that to say, THAT GIRL AIN'T NO BOY! Sure she looks a little rough, but she ain't no boy.
Whatever happened to just being mannish? Why can't she just be butch? Why folks gotta automatically assume that the equipment has been tampered with? So what she has no hips? Whatever happened to just being shaped funny? You know how many "cute" girls I know who talk like Shaq? And what about those body building chicks in those fitness contests who not only look like men, but grease themselves up with baby oil to do it?
*smdh* Po' Lil' Tink Tink.
I hate it for her to have to go through those tests. She's gotta have another physical that includes reports from a gynecologist, endocrinologist, psychologist, internal medicine specialist and gender expert.
Every woman here knows you dread that damn GYN visit because you're gonna be violated before you leave. God forbid you have an irregular pap smear and have to endure the damn pelvic exam. And please don't get me started on those vaginal ultrasounds. They oughta include a free counseling session the day after your annual exam just to make sure you can cope.
I just wonder who the gender expert is and how they got their job. Sheeeit, in the country, a gender expert is the one in the family who can hold up the new puppies and tell if it's a girl or a boy. Who the hell did they get for this one, somebody's grandma?
And all this because she kicked ass on the track. After all this probing and testing, ya'll think she was kicking ass then, wait until she gets out of counseling, she's gonna really kick ya'lls asses.

Sista Sports Congratulates Usain Bolt

A little late I know but regardless we wanted to send our Congrats. Breaking record after record and most recently running a 9.58 in 100m in Berlin for the World Championships, Bolt has the world excited about track & field again.


Lebron finally speaks!

About addressing the media, his sportsmanship, and being dunked on. After months of coming up with a good response it doesn't hold as much weight, it would have seemed a lot more genuine if it were June and not August but here it is if you're still interested in hearing his response.


Snoop Dogg, Freestyle, & Football

In case you missed it, Snoop Dogg was on Sportscenter yesterday, freestyles and then talks football. USC, his Pittsburgh Steelers, his youth football league, and the Michael Vick situation.


AFL officially OVER!!!

I only got into the AFL in the last 2 years after knowing a couple players in the league. It still didn't do what the NFL does for me, but anything to make the football season longer is alright with me, even if the field is smaller and the rules are different.

The league left a lot of players to dry last season when they announced they would be taking a year off because of finances. Many players depended on that money and had no back up plan. Some struggled to make ends meet for the last year all in hopes of being back on the field this year. Well now that time will never come. According to ESPN, the Arena League has suspended operations indefinitely.

My heart sincerely goes out to all those players. Some literally put their lives on hold for that league with promises that they would only be out for one year. Hopefully those players will have an opportunity if this United Football league comes about, or maybe they can play in the Canadian Football League since a couple of friends have done well up there as well. Either way, it saddens me that so many great players no longer have a platform to do something they love.

Butt-whoopin's and lollipops!!!

With the preseason getting started on Sunday, it's Fantasy League time!!!



2 Cleveland HS Wrestlers, 1 Blind, 1 With No Legs

This story shows how far determination and courage can take you.