AFL officially OVER!!!

I only got into the AFL in the last 2 years after knowing a couple players in the league. It still didn't do what the NFL does for me, but anything to make the football season longer is alright with me, even if the field is smaller and the rules are different.

The league left a lot of players to dry last season when they announced they would be taking a year off because of finances. Many players depended on that money and had no back up plan. Some struggled to make ends meet for the last year all in hopes of being back on the field this year. Well now that time will never come. According to ESPN, the Arena League has suspended operations indefinitely.

My heart sincerely goes out to all those players. Some literally put their lives on hold for that league with promises that they would only be out for one year. Hopefully those players will have an opportunity if this United Football league comes about, or maybe they can play in the Canadian Football League since a couple of friends have done well up there as well. Either way, it saddens me that so many great players no longer have a platform to do something they love.


dc_speaks said...

I agree. Arena Football is very exciting. I'm playing Minor League Football just because I love the game so much. Well, pre season is right around the corner.

Peace, EB.

12kyle said...

I was never really into the AFL until I went to a game. It was a lotta fun and a good diverson for us nfl junkies.

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