She is NOT a boy, Damon!

OK, well, they don't know if she's a boy, but they've got a test to find out. *screeching tires* Lemme back up. Earlier today, I saw this story posted on a friend's Facebook wall.
Monday, at the World Athletics Championships, South African 800 m runner Caster Semenya blew by her competition to claim the gold. She beat the second place contestant by 2.45 seconds. To say the absolute least, home girl was running her ass off!
So, three weeks ago, the international federation that regulates the world championships launched a campaign to verify that the 18-year-old Semenya was in fact born a woman. Since her reportedly awesome showing at the African junior championships, her times have increased dramatically, they've recognized her muscular build and she has a deep voice. All of these things combined got folks to thinking that she, like Money Mike in Friday After Next, "is a boy Damon!"
Looking at the picture, I will admit, the chick is extra butch. I mean extra butch. She doesn't have any hips, she appears to be all muscle and has virtually NO rack. Like none. At all. But my answer to that is she's is she JUST turned 18 on July 1 (my new niece's birthday). A lot of chicks have awkward bodies until after they're grown.
Annnnnd, she's a runner. A distance runner. She's supposed to be rail thin without any fat on her. And yes, hips and breasts (and thighs and asses while we're at it) is fat. That's right guys, the more we have of that stuff you love, the more fat we have! Muahahahahahaha!!!
OK, OK, I digress. But seriously, those of us who have had experience in track and field know that you can just about look at people's body type and determine the event(s) they participated in.
For example, our very own Eb the Celeb was a sprinter. She has a sprinter's body. She's above average height, thin and she just looks like she can smoke a mofo in the 100 and 200. Me on the other hand, short, extra thick, ya'll know my ass ain't running NOWHERE unless I'm being chased by something that's threatening to take a chunk outta my ass! Clearly, obviously, I threw shot and discus.
Distance runners are long and very lean. They run for endurance, not speed. Look at all those marathon runners from Kenya and South Africa, they all look hungry - as hell. She looks hungry - as hell. I said all that to say, THAT GIRL AIN'T NO BOY! Sure she looks a little rough, but she ain't no boy.
Whatever happened to just being mannish? Why can't she just be butch? Why folks gotta automatically assume that the equipment has been tampered with? So what she has no hips? Whatever happened to just being shaped funny? You know how many "cute" girls I know who talk like Shaq? And what about those body building chicks in those fitness contests who not only look like men, but grease themselves up with baby oil to do it?
*smdh* Po' Lil' Tink Tink.
I hate it for her to have to go through those tests. She's gotta have another physical that includes reports from a gynecologist, endocrinologist, psychologist, internal medicine specialist and gender expert.
Every woman here knows you dread that damn GYN visit because you're gonna be violated before you leave. God forbid you have an irregular pap smear and have to endure the damn pelvic exam. And please don't get me started on those vaginal ultrasounds. They oughta include a free counseling session the day after your annual exam just to make sure you can cope.
I just wonder who the gender expert is and how they got their job. Sheeeit, in the country, a gender expert is the one in the family who can hold up the new puppies and tell if it's a girl or a boy. Who the hell did they get for this one, somebody's grandma?
And all this because she kicked ass on the track. After all this probing and testing, ya'll think she was kicking ass then, wait until she gets out of counseling, she's gonna really kick ya'lls asses.


Conni3 said...

She is mad butch. But I don't thinks she's a he. I guess she's not allowed to be that good, she must be a man!


clnmike said...

1- I aint going to lie I dont see anything remotely lady like about her, but I wouldnt out right call her a boy because of looks, if that was the case they need to test half WNBA.

2- Not sure why they need all those test to check gender I would think the old drop your pants test would be good enough.

3- If she had an operation than I dont think they can ban her, if I recall some one else had a sex change operation and was cleared to compete as a woman.

4- If she is legit they need to give her a big ass apology.

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