Guest Blogger Isha Cole's Fav Sports Moment of 2009

What is the deal Sista Sports readers, its Isha “Ice” Cole here!

So this year jumped off with a bang when we elected the first Black president of the United States of America Barack Obama. We were all elated to not only have a black president, but also a youthful and cool president who brushed his shoulders off during a campaign speech and had Jay-Z perform during one of his inaugural balls. To make matters even BETTER our president is a true sports fan! #WHERETHEYDOTHATAT ? Here in the U.S.!

President Obama let it be known that if he became the head brotha in charge, he would bring a basketball court to the White House and that he did. A $5,000 basketball court was built atop the South Lawn's tennis court.

During the course of this year, President “O” showed how much he enjoys sports by selecting the winners of various big games from college basketball to professional football. The president selected the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the NFL championship and the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA championship. Yes, he was right with both picks.

My favorite sports moment of 2009 was watching the president fill out his NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket! All of us college basketball fanatics know that filling out the March Madness bracket is NO JOKE and our president clearly felt the same. President Obama filled out his bracket on camera with ESPN‘s Andy Katz, but of course the President couldn’t have a regular bracket like the rest of us. He had an oversized bracket, which was created on a whiteboard with the presidential seal, sitting on top of an easel! Yup, top flight!

As he made each of selections, he explained his reasoning sounding just like a pro! In the end [Ahem], the president selected MY North Carolina Tarheels to win the NCAA Championship. The president stated that he liked the Tarheels because they had experience and balance. Once again, with this selection our commander in chief was right!

Dear Mr. President I salute you! Not only are you the most powerful man in the world, but you’re on point with your sports sh*t!

Doggone Good Year

12Kyle's Favorite sports moment from 2009?

Was it seeing my Yankees win the championship? No...but it was a close second

Was it seeing the Flakers win the NBA Title? Um...NOT!

My favorite moment happened over an entire football season. It was a season that started in the brutal heat of the summer of 2009. While I sat at my desk under the cool air conditioning, this team sweat and pushed their bodies to the limit during "unsupervised team workouts. " While I sat on the couch and watched ESPN, this team pushed themselves through their summer school classes.

I got a chance to see them play their first game. The game was played in the Citrus Bowl before a nationally televised audience on ESPN. It was 95 degrees that day in Orlando. I know...because I was there! I had to see for myself if this team was as good as people said they were. And they were.

The team that I came to see was the South Carolina State University Bulldogs.

My alma mater.

Not only did I go to school there, I played football there from 1991-1995. In 1994, we won our conference title (10-2; undefeated in conference play)...the Mid Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) and were crowned the Black College National Champions. This year's team was trying to do something that teams that I played on could do...repeat as conference champions. SC State had won the MEAC title last season and was picked to win it again. People said that we had the talent to do it. I had to see the team for myself. Could they achieve greatness???

The season began on that hot day in Florida on Sept 5. We were facing the Grambling Tigers. Grambling had won the SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference) the previous year. Both teams were squaring off in the MEAC/SWAC Challenge. Both teams were ranked nationally and were #1 (SC State) and #2 (Grambling) in the black college polls.

SC State beat Grambling that day in a close game 38-35. It was the beginning of a record breaking season for SC State. The Bulldogs went on to win the MEAC conference title again by going undefeated. SC State has a record 19 consecutive victories versus conference opponents. SC State's only regular season loss came at the hands of the University of South Carolina in a hard fought loss.

If you went to an HBCU (historically black college and university), you know about the PRIDE that we have in our schools. The pride runs very deep. To say that I am proud of my alma mater would be an understatement. I love South Carolina State University. I'm a Bulldog for life. I will always be a Bulldog. So, my allegiance to my school is deeper than pride.

SC State finished the season by advancing to the FCS Championship Playoffs (formerly Division I-AA) for the second straight year. And for the second straight year we played Appalachian State. And for the second straight year, we lost to them. This year we lost a heartbreaker 20-13.

Nevertheless, I am happy as well as proud of my alma mater. They have done things that many people didn't believe that they could do. We are slowly becoming a dynasty.

If you don't think we'll be champions again next year...bet against us!

Kyle Dowling



Smarty's Most Memorable Sports Moment '09

Under normal circumstances, I am not a fan of country club sports. In golf and tennis, there's no contact. There won't be any bodies crashing into each other pursuit of the ball or points. There's just the athlete and the sport. It's a mind game, really, like watching somebody play Chess on TV.
But this year has proven to be exciting for two country club sport athletes in particular. Of course Tiger Woods is fresh on our minds because it just happened. But I want to go back a few months for this moment.
On Day 13 of the 15-day long US Open for tennis, Serena Williams went ape shit on a line judge for calling a foot fault. Let's watch:

Guest Blogger Dre Baldwin's Most Memorable Sports Moment of 2009

The sports story of the year decade wasn't even a goddamn sports story.
We all know what happened: Tiger Woods crashed his SUV. His wife "saved" him from the truck before the cops arrived, with a conveniently handy golf club.
Then the tabloids took control.
Tiger f*cked this chick. She denied it but no one really cared about her.
Hey, Tiger f*cked this one, too!
OK, Tiger definitely f*cked this broad -- he even left her a voice mail with his name on it!! And on & on it went (goes?).

My intention when the story first hit America over its collective head was to not even write or comment about it -- essentially this is a private, family situation (not that I wouldn't write about one that so moved me, but this one didn't -- and doesn't). No laws broken, no court dates, no criminal activity. And I think a large percentage of folks wouldn't give a damn about it either had it not involved the highest net-worth athlete in the history of history.

What surprised me, but at the same time didn't surprise me, was how so many people, both on TV and common folk (Tweeters and Facebookers, I'm looking at you), were so quick to jump on their high horses and talk down on Tiger Woods -- just how disgusting and terrible a man he had been exposed to being.
  • The grass-must-be-green-over-there group:  'If I had a Swedish model for a wife and a billion dollars, I'd be good and happy for life! What a fool!'
  • The appalled women group: 'Why even get married if you're gonna cheat??? Tiger is despicable. I hate him!'
  • The I'd-never-be-that-dumb male group: 'This fool left his name on the voice mail. He ain't have no hush money for these hoes?
  • And the most incredulous of them all -- The self-righteous males who just couldn't understand how Tiger could do such a thing: 'Tiger needs to step away from golf and get his life together... He has disgraced his wife, kids parents and family!... The PGA should suspend him!... Why did Tiger's friends not tell him not to do that???... Tiger has absolutely no respect for the holy sacrament of marriage!'
It is never smart, in my opinion, to get to spewing opinions on another person/ couple's private situations, no matter how public they become. Even if it's your job to do so -- it is completely within your rights as a sports TV person (and you'll keep your job) to say, "This is obviously a big story, but it's really none of our business. Let the Enquirers and US Weeklys dig in. Let Tiger deal with his family, and we will jump right on it when he starts swinging golf clubs again." There were a few talking heads who did take this route in their own way, notably Jason Whitlock  of the KC Star.
All that aside, dammit, this was easily the sports story of the year -- albeit with no points scored, no whistles blown, and no Gatorade bath at the final buzzer. Just trending topics, after-the-fact analysis, and a long off-season for a guy who rarely loses.
Mr. Dre Baldwin


Usher does promo for NBA All-Star 2010

I love this promo... every part of it. Check it out!

Guest Blogger Terita Murphy's Fav Sports Moment of 2009

And there it was, late on a cold November night, my beloved Yankees were charging the mound to celebrate their 27th World Series.

That was for me, the greatest sports moment of 2009. After watching them get shellacked opening weekend, have more downs than ups and finally right the ship at the right time, beating the Phillies (in six-just as I had predicted) was the sweetest feeling I've had in years.

Of course I was super happy for the "core four" who were picking up that one for the thumb, but it was really great to see the reactions of the "first timers" and the "just happened to be here" guys.

In spite of my beefs with Joe Girardi's erratic pitching changes and random (read: wtf are you thinking?!?!) moves, it all worked out in the end, and seeing it all end around Mo? Perfect.

Name: Terita Murphy
Blogs: sportnista.blogspot.com
I also cover the Jets for chicksinthehuddle.com and gridirongals.com
I also write sports for parlourmagazine.com

And my twitter is @IAMLADYBUG
Sunshine. Moonlight. Good times. Boogie.


A Bright Light In An Otherwise Blah 2009 Mets Season

When asked to reflect on what I considered to be the best sports moment of 2009 I want to run away screaming in protest. We all know I live and breathe for the NY Mets, and we all also know that they had one of the suckiest seasons I've ever had the displeasure of watching since becoming a fan in 1985. There was no way I was going to find anything to include on this year-end wrap up when, not only did my team not make it to the big game, but the teams that DID make it were their sworn enemies.

It was a hard season to be a Mets fan.

But back when everything was new and we all still had that twinkle in our eye fooling us into believing that THIS was OUR year, I do remember something that made me smile.

Along with the OTHER NY team, the Mets were playing in a new state-of-the art facility, CitiField. It was fancy and shiny and right across the parking lot from their old home, Shea Stadium. During those first few days, former Mets pitcher Dwight "Doc" Gooden

stopped on through the new digs, and while at the bar inside the Ebbets Field Club, he was asked by fans to leave his John Hancock on the restaurant wall for all eternity. And he did.

The hubbub that the front office caused following Doc's "tagging" incident was beyond retarded. Gooden claimed he was only responding to fan requests/suggestions while GM Omar "El Diablo" Minaya's people were sullying his already semi-sullied name all over the media.

But the front office was not counting on the backlash from the fans.

That's right- all over the internets, TV commentaries and newspaper editorial pages, the fans were supporting Gooden and DEMANDING that his signature be left right where he put it. Why? Well 1- he's Doc m*therf*cking Gooden, that's why. And 2- in all their preparations for Citi Field, the owners never bothered to pay any type of homage to former players that actually brought home a championship to this troubled franchise!

I cannot stand Minaya and await the day he is replaced, but he is surrounded with a great PR team that did some major damage control by taking the section of wall with Doc's signature and moving it to a more prominent place at the stadium- along with a promise to add on memorabilia and signatures from other Mets greats like Tom Seaver, Darryl Strawberry, Kieth Hernandez and Mookie Wilson.

Gooden had mixed feelings, expressing concerns that a "hall of fame" wasn't already up when Citi Field opened, and that perhaps the franchise didn't want old timers like him around anymore.

But for the fans, it was a tiny victory over "The Man," especially, you know, because we haven't seen any OTHER type of victory in a long, long time.

Dwight Gooden, thank you for my great sports moment of 2009.



G.Mo’s Amazing Sports Moment From 2009


So much has occurred over the past year. But when I reflect back, there’s really one true moment that outshines them all. In fact it’s only 3 minutes of unbelievable excitement that stand out. But that 3 minutes is not just one of the best of 2009, but an amazing period in sports history.


With slightly more than 3:00 minutes remaining left in the 4th quarter, the Steelers led 20-14. At the 2:58 mark, Pittsburgh C Justin Hartwig was called for holding in the end zone resulting in a safety making the score 20-16 in the Steelers favor. After Mitch Berger punted, the Cardinals set-up shop at their own 36 yard line. 2 plays later, something incredible happened. Kurt Warner hit Larry Fitzgerald for a 64 yard TD to put Arizona ahead 23-20. In the words me and boyz used on the block when playin' with the K2 back in the days... Larry was bookin'!!!! From the moment he caught the ball there was no doubt that was gonna wind up in the end zone.




As a die hard Cowboys fan, I hate the Steelers. I was surrounded by folks rooting for the Steelers and for the first time that night I saw fear in their faces and their impending misery was destined to be my salvation. Text messages & calls to the cell came from everyone I knew who wanted the Cards to win. You couldn't tell me that they weren't about to pull the upset. All the Arizona defense had to do was hold on with 2:37 left on the clock. That was not exactly an easy task knowing the history of Big Ben and his history of comebacks. But more than any point that night, I was amped and cheering for the Cardinals.

Cards kicked off and the Steelers began the critical drive at their own 22. A holding penalty on first down backed them up to the 12. Roethlisberger then worked his magic completed 4 of 6 passes to the Arizona 46 with 1:02 left in the game. On 2nd & 6, Big Ben hit Santonio for a 40 yard pass play to the 6. On 2nd & Goal, the hearts of the Cardinals faithful were broken. Roethlisberger hit Santonio Holmes with a perfect pass as Holmes tip toed to keep both feet inbounds for the game winning TD. A big time play by both Big Ben & Santonio. One for the history books.



Being that the catch was made under 2 minutes, it went to the replay officials. One image is firmly stuck in my head from that night. It was Larry Fitzgerald's show of emotion as he watched the catch on the Jumbotron. You had to feel for dude. I know I was sayin' the same thing at my Super Bowl party.


Arizona got the ball back, but Warner got sacked and fumbled away any last hopes. Steelers won their 6th Super Bowl and Santonio Holmes was the MVP.


I’ve been watching football since about ’77 and remember my first Super Bowl in ’78 as the Cowboys mollywhopped the Broncos. Since that time there have been some remarkable finishes to win the Lombardi trophy. But I’d be hard pressed to give you an ending that was as great as the one witnessed in Super Bowl XLIII.

Peace & Love...

G. Mo

Tiger Woods : When the jokes die down... the songs surface

This Tiger Woods situation doesn't seem like its going to go away anytime soon. Its been a couple weeks since the whole scandal erupted and comedians have been going IN heavily since. In that time Rapper Maino spent time in the studio recording a song in light of the situation. Click on the picture to listen to "Get Em Tiger" and I'm sure this won't be the last Tiger Woods inspired song.


The Dallas Cowboys Golden Boy - Miles Austin

StarStruck Graphics
I'm sure you know by now but I'll reiterate it for the haters... MY DALLAS COWBOYS beat the previously undefeated SAINTS this past Saturday and in New Orleans. There was a snow storm in NYC but I weathered the storm to head to a local bar so I could see my boys. I could feel the Saints demise in the pit of my stomach after they barely beat 2 mediocre teams (Redskins & Falcons) their last 2 games and we had more than our fair of chips on our shoulders losing to both the Giants and Eagles, and of course the history of our record in December. Well we did it in story book fashion because not only did we get rid of that chip but we did what no one thought we could do and that makes it all the more better. Never underestimate my boys.

Miles Austin was a key factor, as he has been this entire 2nd half of the season.

So many people were saying during the pre-season that letting T.O. go was a mistake but I never thought that. I always saw the potential in Miles Austin, as well as Sam Hurd, and even said in pre-season that they should have been starting over Patrick Crayton and Roy Williams. Why did they not listen to me until the season was half way over about Miles... I'll never understand. They still haven't listened to me in reference to Sam. When will they learn?

I had inside information though. I had the chance to work with Sam before

and met Miles at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii in 2008. Both are a pleasure and both were apprentices of T.O. when he was in Dallas. They really looked up to him and studied his regimens, so I knew when it was time for T.O. to go they would be able to fill his shoes.

Its funny how I saw star power in both of them during that trip and now refreshing getting to see the football world recognize it as well.

Oh and since discovering that Miles is a cutie with those dreamy eyes all the ladies are taking notice now too...lol.

Even Jessica Simpson came out of her mouth and said something about him being a cutie and I want her to stay far far far away from any and all of my Cowboys. Thanks in advance Jessica. Go text Tiger Woods or something.

Either way, another one of my favorite Cowboys, Martellus Bennett (who by the way still hasn't given me the interview he promised me) allows fans to get to know Miles Austin via his MartyB TV. Check it out!

Eb's stand out sports moment of 2009

So many wonderful things happened in sports this year but there are always those moments that stick out for us individually that we will never forget. From now until the end of the year, the Sista Sports writers as well as some guest contributors will highlight our fav sports moments of 2009. If you are interested in being a guest blogger you can email your favorite sports moment in a couple paragraphs with an intriguing twist to eb@sistasports.com. Also include any link information that you want posted for example blog, twitter, facebook, etc.

So here we go.

Hands down the most memorable sports moment of 2009 for me was when there was a debate on whether or not Caster Semenya was really a man or a woman.
The South African track star was only 18 years old and the entire situation really took a toll on her. Reports that she was on suicide watch saddened me. Imagine living as a woman all your life and then finding out that you're a hermaphrodite in front of the entire world. She has no ovaries but rather internal male testes so at the same time you are now finding out that you will never be able to have children.
There was a lot of controversy with her having to withdraw from a race as well. The only place that probably felt like home to her at this confusing time in her life was being stripped from her as well. I can't imagine starting to come into womanhood and really begin that process of getting to know yourself, and finding out that you really don't know yourself at all. The ultimate identity crisis. The only thing positive that came out of this story was that she wasn't stripped of her medals. Yes having male hormones gives her an advantage but it was determined that it wasn't grounds to disqualify her for cheating.

Although, in light of the entire situation she has tried to change her image. The braids are gone and she's leaning towards being presented in a more feminine manner.

Now she looks like a WIlliams sister.

She has pretty much been on the low since this entire situation erupted but I anxiously await her return back to the track. Last month, South Africa's sports ministry still had not decided on whether or not she'd be allowed to compete as a woman, but they did note that the IAAF's threshold for when a female is considered ineligible to compete as a woman is unclear.

My message to IAAF is to STOP hating on the chick and let her RUN!!!


Dying Breed

Larry Bird

One of the baddest players that I've ever seen play in the NBA.


In the 80s, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were credited by many for saving the NBA. Bird was a 3 time NBA Champion with the Boston Celtics. He was a 3 time league MVP. He was voted to the NBA All Star game 12 times during his career. To say that Bird was great is a huge understatement.

Bird was white

That never mattered to me. Bird could ball. He was type of dude who you wanted on your team. He was deadly shooter who was like an assasin. I remember when I was growing up, people would say that Bird was black. The assertion was that Bird had to be black because no white guy could dominate in a league that was 70% black. Bird was Bird. There will never be another Bird. And that has nothing to do with his race.

Yesterday, I watched the Outside the Lines program on ESPN. The topic was about how there are so few white American players in the NBA. The numbers are at an all time low. Black players make up nearly 72% of the NBA. Foreign players make up 18%. And only 9% of the NBA are made up by white players. They intereviewed former NBA executive and Hall of Famer Jerry West and asked him where were the white players. West, who is white, said that there are a lot of white players who simply aren't athletic enough to make it in the NBA.

Is that natural? I dont think so.

Where are the white players? Why aren't they in the NBA? What do YOU think?


Joy & Pain...

The Thrill of Victory

The Agony of Defeat

If you didn't have the pleasure of watching a great SEC Championship game, these two images should be enough to tell you who won. Mark Ingram continued his quest for the Heisman trophy but putting on one hell of a running exhibit vs a great Florida defense. QB Greg McElroy picked the Gators apart and the Crimson Tide defense stepped up big time. Now as you can see in the first GIF, Ingram is celebrating with his teammates. They're going to the National Championship game to play Texas, so they're excited and rightfully so.

However, if you take a close look at the second GIF with Tim Tebow, well.... ummmm... yeah, aint really too much I can say on that one. In actuality there is, but I'll reserve judgment. I can understand the tears and all. Tim Tebow has had a great college career and is an incredible competitor. I can accept that. But why are your teammates consoling you on some Brokeback Mountain type foolishness. You got one cat stroking Tim's hair as he bites his trembling lip in sadness. Then to add to the madness, another cat comes over and puts his hand on Tim's shoulder. I'm not calling any of the participants out aiiiight, but the entire scene screams (((Wild Mango))). What happened to cats dapping each other up, hard punches on shoulder pads, quick 'manly' hugs between teammates or 'atta boy' smacks on the rear??? Now jokers are waiting to exhale??? *shakes head* That's all I gotta say on the matter.

Jan 7. Alabama vs Texas for the BCS Championship. That should be one hell of a game. Oh yeah, Mark Ingram better win the Heisman. If the panel gives it to Colt McCoy, they each need to have their future voting rights revoked.

Peace & Love...

G. Mo


"Stimulants" in MLB- Should We Care?

Remember not too long ago when MLB was "cracking down" on steroid use, bringing Congress into it and everything? Ruining careers, hall of fame records, the whole nine? Well it seems that while they were smearing names all over the media (poor, poor Barry...) only one elected official bothered mention the over 100 players they have using banned "stimulants."

Why is this a major concern? I mean, let's be real: steroids and human growth hormones, yeah, they can give a player an unfair physical advantage. But do medications like Adderall and Ritalin fall under that category, too?

What these stimulants do, essentially, is help the user focus or concentrate for a prolonged amount of time (i.e. 9+ innings of a ballgame). Usually, Adderall and Ritalin are prescribed to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) patients, but what Rep. John Tierny (D-MA) noted during the congressional hearings in 2008 was that a trend of MLB players allowed* to take stimulants had grown in an alarming rate from one year to the next. Basically, he was implying (all IN they face) that he didn't believe them; they needed more people.

ADHD is characterized by difficulty staying focused and paying attention, difficulty controlling behavior, and hyperactivity. Pretty much take your typical 2-year-old's behavior and extrapolate that to a 10-year-old or a 23-year-old (or a 34-year-old *cough*ME*cough*) and you probably have an ADHD patient.

Tierney's smoking gun vs MLB? In 2006 only 28 players were being prescribed medications for ADHD. In 2008 it exploded to over 100 MLB athletes. That translates to over 8% of baseball players in the league with ADHD as opposed to only 3-5% of the regular population. Suspicious or coincidence?

Some pundits are all, "This disease is still rather new; many of these players were probably never diagnosed as children and have only recently come to find they have the disorder" while skeptics maintain the, "yeah, riiiiiight!" defense. And both have a point. ADHD is fairly new, and medications and therapies are popping up all the time to treat it. Then again... listen, we all know shady doctors exist. And greedy team managers exist. And athletes have that MUST WIN AT ALL COSTS mentality. Could some of those 108 players permitted to use stimulants be faking? Of course. Can we prove it? Probably not.

Which again, begs the question- should we care about this as much as we do about steroids?

Tell me your thoughts...
*by "allowed" I mean players are issued a Therapeutic-Use Exemption (TUE) by the league to take a prescribed medication that is on the banned list.


Tis the Season of Giving...

To get the Sista Sports readers in the Holiday Spirit we are doing are giveaway. A nice little sports pack that has some ESPN swag, NBA 2K video game for X-box, Bill Simmons Best Selling Book "Now I Can Die in Peace," and "In His Shadow" written by the late Reggie White's son Jeremy White.

All you have to do to entered is become a fan of Eb the Celeb on Facebook. Click on the pic of Elf Eb to go to the fan page.

The winner will be announced this Sunday, December 6th