Joy & Pain...

The Thrill of Victory

The Agony of Defeat

If you didn't have the pleasure of watching a great SEC Championship game, these two images should be enough to tell you who won. Mark Ingram continued his quest for the Heisman trophy but putting on one hell of a running exhibit vs a great Florida defense. QB Greg McElroy picked the Gators apart and the Crimson Tide defense stepped up big time. Now as you can see in the first GIF, Ingram is celebrating with his teammates. They're going to the National Championship game to play Texas, so they're excited and rightfully so.

However, if you take a close look at the second GIF with Tim Tebow, well.... ummmm... yeah, aint really too much I can say on that one. In actuality there is, but I'll reserve judgment. I can understand the tears and all. Tim Tebow has had a great college career and is an incredible competitor. I can accept that. But why are your teammates consoling you on some Brokeback Mountain type foolishness. You got one cat stroking Tim's hair as he bites his trembling lip in sadness. Then to add to the madness, another cat comes over and puts his hand on Tim's shoulder. I'm not calling any of the participants out aiiiight, but the entire scene screams (((Wild Mango))). What happened to cats dapping each other up, hard punches on shoulder pads, quick 'manly' hugs between teammates or 'atta boy' smacks on the rear??? Now jokers are waiting to exhale??? *shakes head* That's all I gotta say on the matter.

Jan 7. Alabama vs Texas for the BCS Championship. That should be one hell of a game. Oh yeah, Mark Ingram better win the Heisman. If the panel gives it to Colt McCoy, they each need to have their future voting rights revoked.

Peace & Love...

G. Mo


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