Eb's stand out sports moment of 2009

So many wonderful things happened in sports this year but there are always those moments that stick out for us individually that we will never forget. From now until the end of the year, the Sista Sports writers as well as some guest contributors will highlight our fav sports moments of 2009. If you are interested in being a guest blogger you can email your favorite sports moment in a couple paragraphs with an intriguing twist to eb@sistasports.com. Also include any link information that you want posted for example blog, twitter, facebook, etc.

So here we go.

Hands down the most memorable sports moment of 2009 for me was when there was a debate on whether or not Caster Semenya was really a man or a woman.
The South African track star was only 18 years old and the entire situation really took a toll on her. Reports that she was on suicide watch saddened me. Imagine living as a woman all your life and then finding out that you're a hermaphrodite in front of the entire world. She has no ovaries but rather internal male testes so at the same time you are now finding out that you will never be able to have children.
There was a lot of controversy with her having to withdraw from a race as well. The only place that probably felt like home to her at this confusing time in her life was being stripped from her as well. I can't imagine starting to come into womanhood and really begin that process of getting to know yourself, and finding out that you really don't know yourself at all. The ultimate identity crisis. The only thing positive that came out of this story was that she wasn't stripped of her medals. Yes having male hormones gives her an advantage but it was determined that it wasn't grounds to disqualify her for cheating.

Although, in light of the entire situation she has tried to change her image. The braids are gone and she's leaning towards being presented in a more feminine manner.

Now she looks like a WIlliams sister.

She has pretty much been on the low since this entire situation erupted but I anxiously await her return back to the track. Last month, South Africa's sports ministry still had not decided on whether or not she'd be allowed to compete as a woman, but they did note that the IAAF's threshold for when a female is considered ineligible to compete as a woman is unclear.

My message to IAAF is to STOP hating on the chick and let her RUN!!!


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