A Bright Light In An Otherwise Blah 2009 Mets Season

When asked to reflect on what I considered to be the best sports moment of 2009 I want to run away screaming in protest. We all know I live and breathe for the NY Mets, and we all also know that they had one of the suckiest seasons I've ever had the displeasure of watching since becoming a fan in 1985. There was no way I was going to find anything to include on this year-end wrap up when, not only did my team not make it to the big game, but the teams that DID make it were their sworn enemies.

It was a hard season to be a Mets fan.

But back when everything was new and we all still had that twinkle in our eye fooling us into believing that THIS was OUR year, I do remember something that made me smile.

Along with the OTHER NY team, the Mets were playing in a new state-of-the art facility, CitiField. It was fancy and shiny and right across the parking lot from their old home, Shea Stadium. During those first few days, former Mets pitcher Dwight "Doc" Gooden

stopped on through the new digs, and while at the bar inside the Ebbets Field Club, he was asked by fans to leave his John Hancock on the restaurant wall for all eternity. And he did.

The hubbub that the front office caused following Doc's "tagging" incident was beyond retarded. Gooden claimed he was only responding to fan requests/suggestions while GM Omar "El Diablo" Minaya's people were sullying his already semi-sullied name all over the media.

But the front office was not counting on the backlash from the fans.

That's right- all over the internets, TV commentaries and newspaper editorial pages, the fans were supporting Gooden and DEMANDING that his signature be left right where he put it. Why? Well 1- he's Doc m*therf*cking Gooden, that's why. And 2- in all their preparations for Citi Field, the owners never bothered to pay any type of homage to former players that actually brought home a championship to this troubled franchise!

I cannot stand Minaya and await the day he is replaced, but he is surrounded with a great PR team that did some major damage control by taking the section of wall with Doc's signature and moving it to a more prominent place at the stadium- along with a promise to add on memorabilia and signatures from other Mets greats like Tom Seaver, Darryl Strawberry, Kieth Hernandez and Mookie Wilson.

Gooden had mixed feelings, expressing concerns that a "hall of fame" wasn't already up when Citi Field opened, and that perhaps the franchise didn't want old timers like him around anymore.

But for the fans, it was a tiny victory over "The Man," especially, you know, because we haven't seen any OTHER type of victory in a long, long time.

Dwight Gooden, thank you for my great sports moment of 2009.



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