Guest Blogger Isha Cole's Fav Sports Moment of 2009

What is the deal Sista Sports readers, its Isha “Ice” Cole here!

So this year jumped off with a bang when we elected the first Black president of the United States of America Barack Obama. We were all elated to not only have a black president, but also a youthful and cool president who brushed his shoulders off during a campaign speech and had Jay-Z perform during one of his inaugural balls. To make matters even BETTER our president is a true sports fan! #WHERETHEYDOTHATAT ? Here in the U.S.!

President Obama let it be known that if he became the head brotha in charge, he would bring a basketball court to the White House and that he did. A $5,000 basketball court was built atop the South Lawn's tennis court.

During the course of this year, President “O” showed how much he enjoys sports by selecting the winners of various big games from college basketball to professional football. The president selected the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the NFL championship and the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA championship. Yes, he was right with both picks.

My favorite sports moment of 2009 was watching the president fill out his NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket! All of us college basketball fanatics know that filling out the March Madness bracket is NO JOKE and our president clearly felt the same. President Obama filled out his bracket on camera with ESPN‘s Andy Katz, but of course the President couldn’t have a regular bracket like the rest of us. He had an oversized bracket, which was created on a whiteboard with the presidential seal, sitting on top of an easel! Yup, top flight!

As he made each of selections, he explained his reasoning sounding just like a pro! In the end [Ahem], the president selected MY North Carolina Tarheels to win the NCAA Championship. The president stated that he liked the Tarheels because they had experience and balance. Once again, with this selection our commander in chief was right!

Dear Mr. President I salute you! Not only are you the most powerful man in the world, but you’re on point with your sports sh*t!


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