Guest Blogger Terita Murphy's Fav Sports Moment of 2009

And there it was, late on a cold November night, my beloved Yankees were charging the mound to celebrate their 27th World Series.

That was for me, the greatest sports moment of 2009. After watching them get shellacked opening weekend, have more downs than ups and finally right the ship at the right time, beating the Phillies (in six-just as I had predicted) was the sweetest feeling I've had in years.

Of course I was super happy for the "core four" who were picking up that one for the thumb, but it was really great to see the reactions of the "first timers" and the "just happened to be here" guys.

In spite of my beefs with Joe Girardi's erratic pitching changes and random (read: wtf are you thinking?!?!) moves, it all worked out in the end, and seeing it all end around Mo? Perfect.

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