Introducing The New Met: #44, Jason Bay

While baseball enthusiasts like myself await news from spring training and eagerly anticipate open day games, alllllllll the power plays and deals are being made to fix what may (or may not) be broken with teams that didn't make the big show in the fall. Like my precious Mets.

We had a bunch of tiny problems that snowballed into HUGE problems, and one of them was a lack of power hitters. That's where Jason Raymond Bay, formerly of the Boston Red Sox, comes in. Especially because it's looking rather iffy on whether or not Carlos Delgado, who's currently playing in the winter league in Puerto Rico, will be resigned.

(Personally, I used to like Delgado a lot but he hasn't consistently brought an A-game onto the field in a hot minute. IF he doesn't return I wouldn't shed a tear. We're trying to win championships here, not hold on to washed up has-beens...OH MY GOD...now I sound like management!! *sigh*)

Bay is supposed to be our ace in the hole hitter, or at least one of them, and was signed to a four year, $66 million contract on that expectation. Sports pundits are saying he's a strong player and a great addition to the team, and Bay seems genuinely happy to be a Met, so I will give him a pass until about June. After that if dude is messing up I'm gonna BOO his stank behind whenever he has an at bat. I've done it before (Beltran...I'm looking at you...) and I'll do it again.

My one concern is that he's reportedly not a strong outfielder. And I mean, sure, hit the ball out of the park and get us on the scoreboard but dammit, don't start dropping balls out there or it's going to be a problem. Also, he passed the physical BUT he's had recent injuries that hindered his face time on the field. Lord knows the Mets don't need anymore injured players!

Still, welcome aboard Jason. I'm sure you'll get a warm reception during your first game at CitiField...just don't make us regret it.

And for the love of Pete: stay off the juice!! *side eye for Mark McGwire*
Bay's Stats:
Bats: Right, Throws: Right
Height: 6' 2", Weight: 200 lb.
Debuted w/the Expos on 5/23/2003 (my 28th birthday, heeeeyyyyyyy!)
In 2009, Bay had 36HRs, 119RBIs and 142hits


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