Caption this pic from Super Bowl XLIV


By now we're all aware that the New Orleans Saints were victorious over the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV 31-17. We've seen images of Drew Brees with his son Baylen, Reggie Bush with his showpiece Kimmy K, Saint Colts Sean Payton fist pumping the Lombardi trophy and others. But in the onslaught of media images from the epic event, one failed to show up on ESPN, Fox Sports & other sports websites. Somehow lost in the shuffle is this image of Colts P Pat McAfee and K Matt Stover celebrating a made FG in the first quarter. Looming in the background of this exciting embrace is Saints CB Randall Gay. The picture really captions itself to be honest. Now before you go on a tirade, I'm not implying that any of the NFL players in the image are homosexual. But it makes for a real funny picture as I'm sure you can agree.

Peace & Love..

G. Mo


tsj2003grad said...

It's OK. At least our names aren't Gay.

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