Pre-Season Quickie: The Day Omar Minaya & I Agreed On Something

I know, I know, just reading that headline made you want to run towards the nearest house of worship and repent for all your wrong-doing but relax- I still despise the Mets' GM Omar Minaya with all of my being. However, he and I just saw eye to eye on a little matter known as prospective relief pitcher Jenrry Mejia.

The 20-year-old Dominican minor leaguer recently closed out an exhibition game against the Marlins that impressed the hell out of manager Jerry Manuel, so much so that he's thinking of adding him to the spring rosters alongside closer Francisco Rodriguez. Now I'm all for adding more quality players to the line-up, especially pitchers, but, um, one good game does not a major-league player make. Maybe Manuel needs to take a chill pill, as my generation used to say.

Minaya's response to all the hoopla is to have Mejia start in Double-A Binghampton in the spring instead and god help me, I agree. Let the boy hone his skills some more, improve his game, all that mess. THEN bring him on to play with the big boys. In his short career so far, Mejia has played in over 40 games, had 10 at-bats and scored NO RUNS. No. Runs. As a pitcher, he's had 11 wins and 11 losses, with a career ERA of 2.91, which is pretty good, but he's not consistent. I'm gonna need more consistency from Mejia before I buy his jersey.

So yes, Minaya, I agree with you- send him back to Binghampton but keep a close watch. If he's doing the damn thing then, hell, bring him on in June or July to close out games. Just not right now. Not yet. He needs more practice.

In other news, Mejia is a certified Hottie McHotterton.

That is all.


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