Some celebrations should be private Ron Artest

Y'all know how much I HATE athletes that all of a sudden think they are a rapper. Ron Artest is no exception and we have addressed the issue in his regard over here at Sista Sports previously. I'm all for all types of expression. When you win a championship there are so many ways one can get out all the emotions of happiness they are feeling but recording a record should not be one of them. When this mess came out right after the Lakers won I gave him a pass. Instead of crying and being overjoyed he headed to the studio.  But when remixes are involved and you call on T-Pain and Polow Da Don as if you are trying to take music seriously and not use it as a form of excitement for your win is when the madness has to stop. CLICK HERE if you feel compelled to listen to the track. Granted it's not the worst athlete rap I've heard but I'm still shaking my damn head.


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