Pilar Sanders in VH1's Football Wives

Immediately after the success of Basketball Wives, Vh1 released a press release that Football Wives was on the way. I was actually optimistic. Having to deal with spouses in both sports, Football Wives are definitely a lot cooler, down to earth, and personable than the high maintenance basketball wives. Plus I was hoping they would actually use "wives" for the football spin-off. Things are looking on the up and up since Pilar Sanders (wife of the great retired Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders) did a photo shoot recently with D magazine andVH1 cameras were on deck. I loooooooved the reality show her and Deion had together and I know if she's involved in this show there will at least be some class about it.

Still no word on when the show will premiere or any other wives that are involved but I will be watching. Here's video of D Magazine catching the Vh1 cameras in action during their photoshoot.


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