Eb loves Shaq Vs.

I'm not too fond of Shaq but he definitely knows how to put on a good show. The second season of Shaq vs. has been 20x better than the first season. In this week's episode Shaq tackles a sport that is near and dear to my heart. Track & Field against Rudy Gay. Wait til you see how skinny Shaq's legs are. He definitely lost some weight and did some training for this one because I've never seen him run up and down the court this fast LOL. Check it out

You don't want to miss the last 2 episodes. Here is the breakdown
"Shaq vs. Charles Barkley; Shaq vs. Competitive Eating" on August 24th
"Shaq vs. Justin Bieber; Shaq vs. Jimmy Kimmel" on August 31st


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