Pics inside the 2010 ESPN Pre-Draft Party

Eb was in the building for the ESPN Draft Party aka THE BEST PARTY TO HIT NYC EVERY YEAR, last night at E-Space. Here I am on the carpet with Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson.

Questlove provided the tunes all night and definitely had me dancing all night.

Check out pics of other people that were in the place to be

Jerry Rice and Dhani Jones

Jets' Darrelle Revis and Steeler's LaMarr Woodley

Green Bay Packer Ryan Grant

Atlanta Falcons' Tony Gonzalez

Coco & Ice-T

49ers player Takeo Spikes, rapper Waka Flocka and NY Jets Tony Richardson

So many others were in the party as well, Darren Sharper and his dimples (salty I couldn't find a pic of him) and even Whoopi Goldberg was in the party and talked about it today in hot topics on The View. I'll leave you showing some of the guys that are the reason we're even partying. Here are some NFL prospects

Derrick Morgab

 Gerald McCoy

Sam Bradford


Emerson said...

groupie chick alert, groupie chick alert...

Eb the Celeb said...

Sounds like someone is jealous they didn't get an invite. I work in the business... never will I ever be a groupie. So get a life Emerson.

Emerson said...
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Emerson said...

What “business”, the unemployment business? I actually work with a pro sports league and go to events like that all the time…which is why I know groupie when I see it. But you not their type anyway, they rock with chicks who are much hotter than you babygirl

Eb the Celeb said...

Really??? You seem to know a lot about me. So I guess you know that I'm actually working at the Draft right now then and don't have time for the back and forth at the moment. And if you work for a league you must be an assistant if you have time to stalk my blog and make ridiculous comments. You're the one who sounds like the groupie "i go to events like that all the time" again get a life

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