Jimmy Clausen, c'mon down!!!

Words can not describe the amount of happiness running through my veins as the announcement came through that my Carolina Panthers had picked up Jimmy Clausen.
For the past three years, the Cats have been struggling with inconsistency at the QB position. Jakey D was effin' up royally and it seemed that nobody in the entire organization gave a crap.
But this year will be different. This year, we've got (we hope) at least two solid QBs. They're young and they'll make mistakes, but I'd rather have them than some old guy making mistakes. #shotsfired #poorcleveland
This year will be one of rebuilding and restructuring. While we do have a pair of running backs in D'Angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, we can't just fun the ball every down. We've got an awesome receiver in Steve Smith and picked up two receivers with a lot of potential in drafting Brandon LaFell and QB/receiver Armanti Edwards.
Nobody has even mentioned re-signing Mushin Muhammad and that's unfortunate. I think he was solid in that No. 2 position. I must say though, with Edwards coming in as a QB/receiver, a part of me hopes he turns into another Hines Ward. Ward has been so effective as a receiver, folks forgot he was a QB in college.
Even if Edwards turns into another Ward, what good will it do if we don't have anyone who can get him the ball? My hope is that Clausen, Edwards and LaFell are able to bring with them the tenacity needed to get us to the post season. They'd better hope so, anyway, or Foxy will be looking for a job come mid-season.
I hope that the offensive coordinator won't be too scared to put the ball in the air. Right now, we've got a rep for ALWAYS running the ball. I hoping that with Clausen's arrival and Matt Moore already being in the groove, we'll be able to shed that and Carolina can become the team to beat in the NFC South. Lord knows nobody wants to deal with the mouths of Eb the Celeb and 12 Kyle if my boys fall to theirs. *shudders*
All in all, I'm happy with the way we came out in the draft. Now let's get to training camp! I might even be tempted to head down I-85 South to Spartanburg to see what the fellas are up to. I might even stop being so cheap and spring for some Panthers tickets this year. Who knows?


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