New Season, New Headaches, But I'm Still A Fan: LET'S GO, METS!!

Hello my dears, your favorite Mets' fan is back to cry all over your monitor over another year of rooting for the mismanaged ballplayers that call themselves the New York Mets.

Don't get me wrong- I always go into a new season with pom-poms in hand, sporting my team colors & fitted, full of hope and wonder...and then I watch a game and end up crying myself to sleep.

But no, no, no, I won't let the current last-place-standing-ass-shitty-record-ALREADY Mets get me down. Lets be real fans. Lets be upbeat.

The season opener at home was AWESOME. Johan pitched a lovely one. He was looking healthy there; the arm was doing well. We won that game against the Marlins... 7 to 1. Then Florida came back and beat us in the next game after an extra inning, 7 to 6. And then again the next game, 3 to 1.

I was beginning to see a pattern. AGAIN.

Then Pelfrey came on the scene on April 9th and we beat the Washington Nationals, 8 to 2. However the pattern re-emerged: Perez lost the following game versus the Nationals (4-3) and my Sweet Baboo Johan allowed four freakin runs in the first inning in the final game against Washington. We lost that one 5 to 2.

You know what makes me nervous about that pattern? Once my boys get into a losing streak/habit, it's so hard for them to break out of it. I don't know if it's the coaching or management, given that they're not BAD ballplayers, but there's something keeping them from being great *coughJERRY MANUELcough* *coughOMAR MINAYAcough* Because they proceeded to lose ANOTHER two games in the three-game series against Colorado. It really was more than my heart could take so early in the season. I usually save the Calgon for September.

And as exciting as that 20-inning win against the Cardinals was, it still doesn't take away from the fact that we are in LAST PLACE in the NL East. LAST PLACE. All I can think is, "There's no place to go but up..." because honestly what else am I going to do? I'm a Mets' fan, for better or worse. I ride or die for them, take much heat from Yankee fans for them, end up disappointed season after season for them.

And all these heart-aches and cringe-worthy losses will make our next World Series victory that much sweeter. Guess who's going to THAT parade?!?
MetsWatch '10: W5-L8-GB3.5
Next game: 4/20/10 VS. CHC @ CitiField, Mike Pelfrey (#34, 2-0 for the season) pitching


Anonymous said...

Being a Mets fan is like being in an abusive relationship - you know he's gonna beat you every night, but you live with false hope that one day he'll change.


I really don't understand Mets fans.

Please note: during that 20-inning game with the Cards, the Mets couldn't hit against a pitching SHORT STOP! A friggin position player!! Come the hell on already!!!

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