Lingerie football changes it's focus

I was extremely skeptical when this whole "thing" started to erupt being a huge fan of football, it even took me knowing a couple AFL players before I could watch Arena. I don't like football being poked fun at, changed, imitated, and the Lingerie football league seemed to be a perverted man's dream. Chicks with barely any clothes on running up and down a field and whining if they broke a nail. I really couldn't see anyone that was a true fan of football watching this mess and that it would be popular for a couple years and then lose interest just like the AFL did. Founder, Mitchell Mortaza has now changed it's focus:
"Last year we had models trying to play football. This year we're gonna have athletes that happen to be beautiful playing football."

Check out video of their recent try outs for the upcoming season.

The sad part about this whole ordeal is that there is a professional female football league (IWFL) that has been around for a while. At one point I even thought about trying out for the NY Sharks. It's a shame most people don't even know that this league exists because the women aren't half naked and after 1 season there is loads of buzz around LFL.


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