Ballers make good TV outside their sport

Are ballers on TV the new black? The time when we wondered what athletes did off the field (that doesn't include them on the news for a DUI or shooting themselves in the leg at a club) is over. We are now seeing our favorite athletes on the tube more than ever. From the T.O. Show to Shaq vs. to D'Hani Tackles the Globe to Pro's vs. Joe's you now get to see them in so many different elements and really get a close-up look at their personalities off the field. Even shows that take them out of their element with the many ballers that have participated in Dancing with the Stars. Ocho Cinco, who is on the season that is airing now even inked a deal to have his own dating show on VH1. I can't wait until The Tournament airs in July because he really has the energy and personality to make great TV. 

VH1 is really becoming the mecca for these athletes even when the show is about ballers indirectly. Prime example "Basketball Wives" which I prefer to call " I boned a baller" since only 1 of them is married to a baller and they look like they are headed for divorce. Even though these chicks are beyond a train wreck, there association still makes good TV.

The newest athlete to catch the bug is NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony. Anthony and long time girlfriend Lala have signed on to let VH1 follow them as they prepare for their wedding. I hope the show ends up like the best possible episodes of Bridezilla imaginable. The show premieres September 13th.

Athletes have not only looked to television for entertainment purposes only, they have also looked to TV for redemption. I definitely feel The Michael Vick Project helped his career out immensely. People were able to really see his story, and the fact that he didn't make excuses, was remorseful, and ready to move on made me want everyone to let the man move on.

There are so many different athletes and so many different sports but I want the SistaSports readers to let me know what athlete you would like see get a show and what type of show would fit them best??? Hit me in the comments!


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