The Mets' Fan Guide To Enjoying The Subway Series

Ever since 1997 when interleague play was made a part of the regular baseball season, baseball fans in NYC have had the pleasure of watching their beloved Yankees and Mets go head-to-head at least six times per season. For me it is both invigorating- just the thought of being able to say IN YO' FACE to a Yankee fan pumps me up- and exasperating- knowing deep down inside that the cards will most likely be in favor of those Bronx dudes.

But that's okay, because part of being a Mets fan is having that child-like hope and wonder and anticipation and FAITH in our Amazin' team. Win or lose, we're there for them.

I have a certain ritual for watching the Subway Series these days, just to save myself the agita of dealing with those obnoxious Yankee fans (because lets face it- no one os MORE obnoxious than a Yankee fan) and figured I'd do my fellow Mets' peeps a solid and share the tricks of the trade:

1- Ignore the previous years' stats. SO WHAT if the Yankees have won significantly more of these interleague games than the Mets have. Who cares? Just keep telling yourself: This is the year we will knock them on their ass.

2- Try and forget the 2000 World Series. Don't let this psych you out of your zone. Think only GOOD THOUGHTS during the game or you'll f*ck it up for the whole team!

3- DO NOT WATCH WITH A YANKEE FAN. Or in the Bronx. They will ruin the whole experience for you with their taunting and pointing and laughing, and next thing you know you've been arrested for manslaughter because that idiot in the Jeter jersey would not shut the hell up.

4- Choose a Mets-friendly establishment. Try some of the new places in and around Citifield, or Bobby V's Bar & Grill at the Ramada Inn in Corona. I also hear that Mudville9 in Manhattan, Ann Reilley's in Flushing and Mooney's in Brooklyn cater to our ilk, too.

5- Join a Mets fan Meetup Group. I used to be a member of meetup.com and one of the groups I joined right away was the Mets one. They got together on a regular to watch the games together decked out in full team colors from head-to-toe. It truly felt like home!

If none of these tickle your fancy then please, invite some Mets-friendly folk over to your house, queue up the 1,000" flat-panel plasma, put out the chips n salsa and enjoy the victories from the comfort of your sofa. Just please don't forget to send me your address; I make a killer pasta salad :)

May Series: 5/21-23 at Citifield
June Series: 6/18-20 at Yankee Stadium

MetsWatch '10: W19-L22-GB6
Next game: 5/20/10 VS. WSH @ Nationals Park, John Maine (#33, 1-3 for the season) pitching


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