Lakers-Celtics: Rivalry Renewed


Somebody wake me the hell up!!! Throw some ice water on me or somethin'. I waited 21 years for my Celtics to get back to the NBA Finals vs the Lakers in '08 and now they're about to get busy once again 23 years later in 2010. That NBA rivalry between 84-87 was definitely the best that I've witnessed in my lifetime. The Lakers stars back then were Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Byron Scott, A.C. Green, Kurt Rambis, Jamaal Wilkes, Bob McAdoo and Michael Cooper. Celtics came to the court with Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge, Dennis Johnson, Cedric 'Cornbread' Maxwell, Gerald Henderson and Robert Parish. The Celtics were coached by KC Jones and the Lakers by Pat Riley.


This years total cast of characters doesn't have the star power of that cast, but damn sure will bring as excitement once they tip-off. My Celtics squad returns the starting 5 that won the title in '08 with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins. No one expected them to get back to the NBA Finals. No one!!! The Lakers as the defending '09 champions have Kobe Bryant who is arguably the best player in the game right now. The rest of the LA roster is a bunch of misfits. To be very honest, who cares about the rest of the squad??? Aiiight, they have basically the same squad from '08 with Gasol, Odom & Fisher. Having a 'somewhat healthy Andrew Bynum and the acquisition of Ron Artest in the '09 offseason was significant in propelling them back into the Finals. I respect the Lakers squad, but I don't like them at all. I can't help it cuz it's in my blood.


Even though I grew up in DC and constantly saw the Bullets, I became a Celtics fan. That's primarily because of my dad and granddad. My grandfolks lived in Roxbury, MA when I was real young. On those winter school breaks as a youngster, pop would take me from DC to Boston to visit the grandfolks for the holidays. Pops aint one for driving, so we always flew. During those trips we would find our way to the Boston Garden. There I was laced with a Nate 'Tiny' Archibald jersey, other Celtic trinkets andI quickly embraced the green and white as my team.


I grew up with tons of Celtics memorabilia and apparel. I personally have an autograph book with signatures of Larry Bird, Red Auerbach, Bailey Howell, Cedric 'Cornbread' Maxwell, John Havlicek & a ton other Celtics greats. I got all of those on my own walking various arenas before games when the Celtics were warming up. So understand that a second NBA Finals appearance in 3 seasons is a kid's dream. I've been to tons of Celtics games in my lifetime. I've flown to playoff games in other cities, home openers in Boston and more games vs the Bullets/Wizards than I can count since I do live in the DC area. I went to Game 2 of the '08 NBA Finals and my hope is to somehow get to Boston for a game this series. It might take a wing and a prayer, but I'm gonna find a way.


I cheered for a Celtics squad in '07 that won a total of 24 games and now they're going for their 2nd title in 3 years. Talk about the ping pong balls bouncing your way. I was mad when we didn't get the number one pick and a chance to get Greg Oden. One word: fortunate. Thanks Danny Ainge for the GM power moves, we all appreciate ya. I sure as hell never expected to be cheering for KG and Ray Allen in Celtic green. It almost seems unbelievable.


With all that being said, a brotha is full of energy anticipating the opening tip-off on Thursday night. Once it's all said and done I expect my Celtics squad to send Kobe home lookin' sad just like they did in '08. It's time to raise championship banner #18.


My prediction for the 2010 NBA Finals... Boston Celtics in 6. Just a reminder, I did predict a Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals back in Oct... Don't believe me? Click here...



G. Mo


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