"There's Always Next Year..."

That is the Mets fan's lament right there; we've been saying that mess since 1986. We came so close in 2000 (vs. the Yankees... what a harsh & bitter loss that was) and even last year- the team was kicking ass & taking names all season, only to fall flat on their faces in the fall.

It's hard out here for a Mets fan, I'll tell you what. But it was written from jump; I should have known this season was going to be a hard one.

Our best players were hurt and unable to play, especially Reyes who, some may argue, should have had his operation in the spring instead of so late in the season where it could affect his eligibility for next year, too. Some are just too old to be the powerhouses they once were (Delgado, I'm looking at you, honeysugarbear!). And the final final final straw that made me stop checking the stats everyday and store my fitted in the closet? My dearest darling Santana needs surgery on his elbow is out for the season. WHAT'S THE POINT OF LIVING?

But lets not forget that the Phillies (unfortunately) have found their stride as a team and are on fire right now, so maybe the Mets would have still fallen to this mighty clubhouse? Probably. But at least it would have been like last year- right on the Phillies' tails and making them work for it- instead of being nearly 20 games behind first place!

I asked my co-worker, a fellow baseball enthusiast: What would need to happen for the Mets to be in contention for a playoff spot right now?

His response? "If all the other teams die in a plane crash." OUCH.

But quietly... I know some people. Just say the word, Manuel. Just say the word.

MetsWatch '09: W59-L74-GB18.5
Next game: 9/3/09 VS. COL @ Coors Field, Pat Misch (#48, 0-1 for the season) pitching


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