Off the Dome

random thoughts...

brett favre's arm will give out by mid season.

i wanna see floyd mayweather vs manny pacquaio fight for the title. period

michael crabtree...get signed man! you are getting some bad advice

do you know any grown men who spend more than 5 hrs a week playing john madden? i do...

as much as i hate to say it, i'm not sold on usain bolt's world records. in the back of my mind...he's on something

if your team is down by 5 points and you have to go 80 yds to score, who do you want to quarterback your team? tom brady or joe montana

despite only knowing this kardashian chick for a month, lamar odom is about to marry this chick? are you kiddin me?

ever noticed how ballerz wanna be rapperz and rapperz wanna be ballerz?

speaking of rappin ballerz, is shaq the best? if so...what does that say? lol

tiger woods makes it look so easy. when i tee off my shots go all over the place

i didn't think there was anything wrong with micheal jordan's hall of fame speech...

you gotta love college football!

i'm gonna check out the new lebron james movie

love him or hate him...you gotta respect peyton manning

looking forward to the baseball post season

i'm a fan of this team!!! yankess, baby
serena williams got mad during a tennis match. who cares? in the heat of competition, you'll say anything.

if i ever meet a nfl sideline reporter like pam oliver or suzy kolber i'm gonna ask them which nfl player has the stinkest breath?

the most feared 3 letters in sports...ACL

shaq and lebron don't have enough to beat orlando nor boston unless bron bron goes for 40 pts, 9 rebs, 8 assts.

love to talk to women who love football


Eb the Celeb said...

I've said time and time again this rappers/ballers issue has to stop... God gave you a talent... plz stop dabbing in an industry where no talent for you exists.

That is all!

clnmike said...

Floyd and Manny cant fight for a title that currently belongs to Shane Mosely.

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