And So It Comes Down To This...

...the Devil you know (Yankees) or the Devil you don't know (Phillies). Which of the lesser of two evils in my life will I root root root for in the World Series? Well, I'll tell ya, it's a tough decision, it is.

I have to decide if my wrath for the most annoying fans on the planet- Yankee fans- surpasses the disdain I'd feel if Rollins was allowed ONE. MORE. WIN. as a Philly.

Some would say that rooting for the Phillies will keep the Yankee fans from being all, "in your face" to us Mets fans, but the fact is they haven't been to a World Series since 2003 and it hasn't stopped them from being rude and obnoxious about their team.

And whereas the Phillies are a direct rival of the Mets, I have nothing against the Yankees; I respect their hustle. It's the FANS that make it hard for me to root for them, when clearly it should be a no-brainer because they're representing NYC. By default I should be cheering them on because, EWWWW, Philly! Who the HELL wants to rep THAT place? I should embrace the home team, always.

Still... this place gets so unbearable every time the Yankees win a championship. Oh MY GOD the ruckus in the streets... it's almost like Watts circa the 1960s. People lose their GOD-DAMNED minds. You'd think Joe Girardi was handing out $100 bills at the parade or something!

Decisions, decisions...

Either way, I will be watching the World Series and yelling at the refs, cheering for awesome plays and cursing at play errors (ERRORS? REALLY? With all the money you make you're dropping balls like you just learned the game? BOOOOO!). Because that's what I do.

"Hi, I'm The Jaded NYer, and I'm a baseball addict."
World Series Watch 2009: Game 1- 10/28/09 in Yankee Stadium


12kyle said...

How dare you talk that way about us Yankee fans? There's nuffin wrong with us! LOL

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