Athletes & Flu Shots

After a dozen Cleveland Browns missing practice with flu like symptoms, the NFL decided to change some policies. If a team has at least six players unable to play because of the illness, it can promote players from the practice squad to replace them. A club can receive a maximum of eight of these roster exemptions. The NBA, NHL, and MLB currently do not have policies of an entire team being hit with with flu like symptoms but things may change, especially in the NBA since the six of the 20 Cleveland Cavaliers players in training camp missed practices or exhibition games at various times because of flu-like symptoms. Right now there are no exemptions in place that would allow teams to put swine-flu sufferers in that category to free up cap space.

With the Swine Flu outbreak should the leagues change their policies???

Should they make it mandatory that every player take the vaccine especially after a Washington Redskins Cheerleader was crippled after being vaccinated???



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