Eb's BYE WEEK Picks : WEEK 5

I'm not even going to mention how my Cowboys were jipped last week when the officials didn't call pass interference on Denver because they were all over my homie Sam Hurd but its all good. Not going to dwell on the past. Everyone is hating on my boys. Why won't they let the Cowboys be great?

Here are my picks for week 5
Bye week 2 teams are : Chicago, Green Bay, New Orleans, San Diego

Cleveland at Buffalo
Both teams suck but since Braylon is now on the Jets and because I have no idea who they have on their team to throw to now (even though I know they got Chansi Stuckey from the Jets) I'm sure he didn't learn their offense in a week so I'm riding with the Bills. Eb picks BUFFALO.

Dallas at Kansas City
We have to win this game and Kansas City is a terrible team so we shouldn't have any problems. Eb picks DALLAS.

Minnesota at St. Louis

If the Vikings are going to be stopped this season, it definitely wont be this week when they see the Ram. Eb picks MINNESOTA.

Oakland at NY Giants
A repeat of my last commentary. If the Giants are going to be stopped this season, it definitely wont be this week they play Oakland whose coach will probably be arrested before kick-off anyway. LOL. Eb picks the NYG.

Tampa Bay at Philadelphia
I don't think the Bucs are as bad as their record is eluding to. The Eagles are coming off a bye week so are fully rested but are still pretty banged up. Both Brian Westbrook and Donovan McNabb will be back but neither are 100%. I think its the perfect time for the Bucs to get their first win of the season. Eb picks TAMPA BAY.

Pittsburgh at Detroit
The Super Bowl champs, no matter if you believe in that curse that after you win you have a terrible season or not, there is no way they will lose to a team like Detroit. Eb picks PITTSBURGH.

Washington at Carolina
I really do think this will be the week of first wins and since The Redskins aren't really a force for anyone right now, this is the best opportunity of any for the Panthers to get their first win of the season against them. Eb picks CAROLINA.

Cincinnati at Baltimore
This is going to be the game of the week. This is going to decide whose real and whose fake (in my Swizz Beatz voice.) I'm riding with the Bengals. I think they finally have that chemistry as a whole that they have been claiming to have for the past couple of year. Eb picks CINCINNATI.

Atlanta at San Francisco
With the Falcons coming off their bye week, rest is always a good thing. SF is looking good but I'm not convinced they are really good since I haven't watched them play yet this season. Eb picks ATLANTA.

Jacksonville at Seattle
This game doesn't peak my interest in the least bit so no explanation. Eb picks JACKSONVILLE just because.

Houston at Arizona
Arizona rested last week and gave all their banged up receivers a chance to rest and all are looking to play this week. Eb picks ARIZONA!

New England at Denver
I'm extremely bitter that Denver beat us last week, so even though I hate the Patriots with a passion, I'm rooting for them to win. Eb picks NEW ENGLAND.

Indianapolis at Tennessee
 The one team I have no faith will get their first week of the season in week 5 is the Titans. Eb picks INDIANAPOLIS.

NY Jets at Miami

The Jets are looking to good to go against at this point. Eb picks NYJ.


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9 out of 12 games right so far

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