Eb's BYE WEEK Picks : WEEK 4

Yeah I know I've been slipping. I've forgot to post my picks the 1st three weeks of the season but the bye weeks are the best time to start anyway. This is when all fantasy football teams start looking extra thin and only the strong survive. So I will make sure I post my bye week picks every week, then rest for the final weeks of the season, and then come back with my play-off picks. Feel free to play along with me in the comments. You never know, I may have some prizes for those that participate.

And here are my picks for Week 4
Bye Week #1 - Atlanta, Arizona, Carolina, Philadelphia

Detroit at Chicago
Everybody's all hype about Detroit finally getting their first win but I think it was a fluke. They still suck as a team overall and no way are they going to come into the Monsters of the Midway territory and run all over the Bears. Eb picks CHICAGO!

Cincinnati at Cleveland
This is a no brainer. Cleveland is just terrible. They haven't won a game yet this season and looking at the lack of talent they have on their team and the week to week QB changes they don't have a chance against the Bengals. Eb picks CINCINNATI.

Seattle at Indianapolis
I wasn't a believe in the Colts after barely beating 2 sorry teams in the first 2 weeks. But last week after killing Arizona, I think they may have their mojo back. Eb picks INDIANAPOLIS.

NY Giants at Kansas City
No explanation behind the pick needed. Another no brainer. Eb picks NYG.

Baltimore at New England
I'm riding with Baltimore even though they are going to be in New England territory. NE is not that Super Bowl team and powerhouse of old. Every week they have looked a little shaky and Brady is definitely going to have a time with this Ravens defense. Eb picks BALTIMORE.

Tampa Bay at Washington
2 teams that suck equally the same... I'm going to ride with Bucs on this one. They are coming to the DMV looking for blood trying to get their 1st win of the season and I think they get it today. Eb picks TAMPA BAY.

Tennessee at Jacksonville
 What I just said above this I'm going to ditto right here for this game. The Titans have to get that first win and the Jaguars performance this year has been well below stellar. Eb picks TENNESSEE.

Oakland at Houston
I have no faith in either one of these teams but since the Raiders have been playing better than they've played the last couple seasons, I'm going to ride with them. Eb picks OAKLAND.

NY Jets at New Orleans
This is going to be the game to watch. The stellar rookie QB against the QB the is leading in passing yards. I think this game is going to come down to defense and I feel the Jets have a better defense than the Saints. Eb picks NYJ.

Buffalo at Miami
Another game that no one cares about. So I'll keep it short. Eb picks BUFFALO.

St. Louis at San Francisco
The Rams don't have a chance. They are another team that is having that tag team QB situation from week to week. Plus I hate to say this but SF might be that sleeper team this year. Eb picks SAN FRANCISCO.

Dallas at Denver
Denver's record definitely does not reflect their talent. I'm riding with my Cowboys all day. Eb picks DALLAS.

San Diego at Pittsburgh
The Steelers have to get it together and quick. They definitely aren't they team they were last year but I don't think the Chargers are a definitive force either. Eb picks PITTSBURGH.

Green Bay at Minnesota
Another game I am looking forward to watching. GB defense can't do anything with Adrian Peterson. Eb picks MINNESOTA.

Now hit me in the comments. Who you got???


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I'm not doing too well after the 1:00 games... I only got 4 out of 8 right.

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