Eb's BYE WEEK Picks : WEEK 6

In Week 6 my beloved Dallas Cowboys are one of the teams on a Bye Week after Miles Austin had the best performance of his professional career. The Bye Week definitely couldn't have come at a better time. There is no reason we should be struggling to beat a team like Kansas City. We definitely have some reworking to do on both offense and defense, and hopefully this week off will give a chance for these keys injuries we have in our offense a chance a heal up. Now enough about my boys, on to the picks.

Bye Week Teams - Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, San Fransisco

Houston at Cincinnati
The Bengals are on a roll and its going to take a team that has a stronger defense to stop them and the Texans definitely aren't it. Eb picks CINCINNATI.

Detroit at Green Bay
I think the Lions make me on a quest to beat their record of the most games lost in a row since. Eb picks Green Bay.

Baltimore at Minnesota
Right now the Ravens defense is ranked 16th in the league and they are going against one of the best offenses in the league. Eb picks Minnesota.

NY Giants at New Orleans
This is going to be the game to watch. 2 undefeated teams and The Saints being one of the highest scoring teams in the league. Don't think they will put up numbers as high against the this tough Giants defense, but I don't think the Giants offense has the talent to keep up with whatever their defense allows the Saints to get on the board. Eb picks New Orleans.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh
Both teams have been painful to watch this season but The Browns have absolutely nothing going right for them right now. Plus Troy Polamalu will be back on the field. Eb picks Pittsburgh.

Carolina at Tampa Bay
Carolina finally got their first win last week. Now its the Bucs turn to get their first win. Eb picks Tampa Bay.

Kansas City at Washington
After damn near giving me a heart attack last week taking my Cowboys into overtime, I have absolutely no love for the Chiefs. I always root for the Redskins to lose but Eb picks Washington.

St. Louis at Jacksonville
This would be the perfect time for The Rams to get their first win of the season up against a far from stellar Jaguars team but since you never know who is going to start at QB, I doubt they'll be able to pull it off. Eb picks Jacksonville.

Arizona at Seattle
The Cardinals definitely haven't performed as well as I thought they would this season but they've had some major injuries in their offense. Now that everyone is back and healthy I expect them to go on a good winning streak. Eb picks Arizona.

Philadelphia at Oakland
With all the inconsistently and changes to the Eagles offense since the beginning of the season you'd think they'd be very far gone from making any kind of splash in the division but they are right in the thick of things. The Raiders don't stand a chance. Eb picks Philadelphia.

Tennessee at New England
 The Patriots are on a quest to prove that they are still a force so I expect them to take all of that out on a Titans team where nothing is going right for them. Eb picks New England.

Buffalo at NY Jets
With rumors that T.O may get traded, I'm sure the little bit of chemistry that the Bills offense had, is now strained. Plus The Jets are coming for blood after their loss last week. Eb picks NYJ.

Chicago at Atlanta
So mad I'm going to miss this game tonight but I'll be at a comedy show. I love watching the Bears play. Both teams are 3-1. Devin Hester is back on offense, Matt Forte had a slow start but recently has been looking like the back he was last year. This game is definitely going to come down to Defense. The team whose defense has a stellar game is going to win this game and I believe that defense with be those Bears Monsters of the Midway. Eb picks Chicago.

Denver at San Diego
Denver has really surpised me. I thought for sure after they got rid of Cutler and all the problems with Brandon Jacobs that they wouldn't be close to being a "team to beat" this season but they proved me so wrong. Plus I'm starting to think that the Chargers will never be that team. All the talent they have and time after time they fall short. Eb picks Denver.

Feel free to chime in in the comments with your picks!


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