Crab Dribbles & Bunny Hops

The NBA is now on record with the fact that they'll be allowing 2 steps before the player has to stop, shoot or pass the ball.


In all honesty this changes absolutely nothing. All they've done is corrected the written rules to match how games have been officiated for the last 2 decades. Under the letter of the law players weren't really supposed to take 2 steps, but the refs never called it. Now that 2 steps are official, does this mean star players will get 3 steps unofficially? Cats have been taking 2 steps since I can remember anyway. It's the 3 step taking jokers and the ballers who continually switch pivots 2 or more times that need to be penalized . I don't know about 2 steps to a complete stop though, that's definitely a walk. What about moving your feet before you put the ball down? Is that still gonna be called a travel? The fact remains that traveling needs to be called much more than it is. Superstars won't like it, but that's just too bad. There's 4th graders out here who are more consistent not traveling than a lot of NBA players. You know I'm on point. David Stern is turning the NBA into a silver spoon fed, corporate, heartless league full of Mr. Whipple "Don't squeeze the Charmin" type ball players.


Now, he's accommodating the rules so they don't look so bad for NOT calling traveling. The game would be so much better if they actually enforced basic principles like you know...traveling.


Just imagine it now, both Shaq and Lebron coming through the lane like Usain Bolt with the basketball. They both already get away with murder. Guess now you can call it the Cleveland Track Meet. Lebron cries enough as it is and gets his way.


Is David Stern conspiring to 'assist' in getting the Cavs to the NBA Finals? That 2 step, plus the hop step and the crab dribble that Lebron does is just taking the game a step back in terms of basic fundamentals. Stern is giving to much leeway to players just for the sake of entertainment. But with the current economy I suppose they gotta keep selling tickets. It is what it is. Now if they could only determine a way to enforce the rules against flopping and Academy Award acting performances. Shaq & Lebron would be really exposed then. LOL!!!!

Peace & Love..

G. Mo


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That book of crying babies pic is hilarious!

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