Sweep, Sweep, Sweep...

YOWZA! Are y'all watching these post-season games? Too, too exciting. Granted I don't have a TV and can only watch the highlights here and there on the MLB's website but STILL.

Yankees SWEPT Minnesota. Angels SWEPT the Sox. And Joe Torre's tryna remind y'all what his muthafuckin name is by having his Dodgers SWEEP St. Louis (sorry, Pujols; I was rooting for you, boo!).

Now all I'm waiting to see is if the Rockies will do me a solid and CRUSH THOSE PHILADELPHIA BASTARDS TO THE GROUND LIKE THE SWARMY COCKROACHES THAT THEY ARE!! Whew it felt good to get that out.

Two things I want to note about the games already played:

1- Hi, Andy! I love me some Andy Pettitte. Talk about having HEART. That dude is a pitcher through and through and when he left the Yankees* way back when he looked so lost and hurt. When they took him back it just felt right. He's home now. And even though his season was so-so (14-8) it's ANDY, and I will always have much respect for him. Not more than I do for Johan, but respect nonetheless.

2- No, Manny, NO! I'm torn when I think of the Dodgers because on the one hand I want to applaud Torre (listen- he's just a good dude, OK, and knows what he's doing in that clubhouse) but on the other... MANNY *side eye*. Let's just see what happens w/ Colorado and Philly and then I'll know how to feel during the league playoff games.

And I just want to say that on my last post I was leaning towards a St. Louis/Yankees World Series, but on Sista Sports Radio (you did listen, right?) I changed my mind and put my vote behind a Dodgers/Yankee meet-up at the end of the month. Both teams just came a step closer to that grand finale and I don't know about you but I'm *in Jessie Spano voice* soooooooooooo excited.

Except- I hope this doesn't restart any East Coast/West Coast beef. We already lost Biggie & Tupac to that mess...


*If you're wondering why I know so much about the Yankees when I'm a die-hard Mets fan, here's all you need to know... First, my ex-husband was a die-hard Yankee fan and second he worked at a school in the Bronx full of die-hard Yankee fans so guess what? During our stay in Riverdale (a swanky section of the Bronx) I was only allowed/able to go to Yankee games. When in Rome, right?

And lastly, I just LOVE baseball & NYC, so why wouldn't I know facts about other teams and players that are reppin' my home town? Stop hatin' on me, DAMN!


Lady K said...

I love it! Seeing the Yankees sweep Minny especially after that tacky ass yell of "steroids" when A-Rod blew that game wide open was the best dish served cold I had seen in a while!!! Andy deserve that win more than anyone and he played with some heart! Kudos! I think I have been saying since Joe left the organization that there will be a Yankee/Dodger matchup just because karma works like that. I don't wanna see Manny anywhere near them but you gotta take what you can get. My Yanks are still there and I wanna see them back in the Series! Let's get it Boys!!!

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